QBO 1.0: Turvo's QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration: Obtain your credentials

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Important Note: This series of articles is for the QBO 1.0 integration. If you are using QBO 2.0, refer to QBO 2.0: Set Up QuickBooks Online (QBO) on the Intuit Developer Site to get started. 

After you completed the Production Settings in the previous article, complete the following steps to obtain your credentials:

  1. If you are not logged into your Intuit Developer Dashboard, go to https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/homepage and login to your developer account.

  2. In your Intuit Developer Dashboard, click the Keys & credentials section under Production Settings in the left navigation menu.


    Important note: You must use Production settings to generate these credentials. Do not use Development settings to generate credentials in this step.

  3. The Client ID and Client secret fields are generated automatically. Save these somewhere safe so you can paste them into the Integration Hub later on.


  4. In the Redirect URIs section of Keys & credentials, leave the auto-generated URI (usually found in the Order 1 placement) and add two Turvo specific URIs in the Order 2 and Order 3 placement.

    To add a URI, click Add URI and enter the following Turvo specific URIs:

  5. Click Save.

Protip: New to the developer dashboard? See the documentation available on Intuit’s developer homepage for assistance. 

Next steps to configure QuickBooks Online

Continue to the next step in the QBO integration process by reviewing the Connect your Turvo tenant to QuickBooks Online (QBO) via Integration hub article in the Turvo Help Center, or by selecting another QBO integration article below. 

QuickBooks Online Integration Articles

There are several steps to integrating QuickBooks Online to your Turvo tenant. The following article links are listed in order to help you navigate through QBO integration process:

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  3. Complete the QBO App assessment questionnaire
  4. Complete the Production Settings in your Intuit Developer Dashboard
  5. Obtain your Credentials
  6. Connect your Turvo tenant to QuickBooks Online (QBO) via Integration hub
  7. Map Turvo to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) chart of accounts
  8. Test your QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration
  9. Turvo's QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration: Troubleshooting your integration

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