2022-R3 Patch Two Release Notes

This article features the 2022-R3 Patch Two new feature and fixed issues released to production on September 15, 2022. 

See the 2022 Turvo Release Schedule article for a list of milestone dates and links to published release Notes, Lists, and Announcements for the current release and past releases.

2022-R3 Patch Two new released feature

Group inheritance configurations for shipments

We created a new group inheritance feature to reduce the need to manually assign shipments to groups.

By using the new Groups segment in the Admin console > Settings > Shipments section, you can configure newly created shipments to automatically inherit the groups assigned to the shipments' customers, carriers, locations, and also from any orders used to create the shipment.

See Assigning your shipments to groups to learn more about using Turvo’s group inheritance feature.

2022-R3 Patch Two fixed issues

The following table lists the fixed issues released in 2022-R3 Patch Two. 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue description

18729 Loads are now being built from orders as expected 


“None” included as an option for a P44 Hazmat LTL shipment

19287 and 19289

Updated missing weight and palate information in shipment information
19642 Customer Invoice terms are now calculating correctly
19809 Corrected transit times for carriers 
20190 Now uploading the correct shipment file type


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