Turvo Academy: Update Announcements

This article was last updated on May 9, 2024.

Turvo Academy: Update Announcements houses a current list of updates to Turvo Academy, including content changed after a release, non-release updates, changes to the learner experience, and brand new courses.

2024-R4 | Course Updates
2024-R4 | New Courses
2024-R3 | Course Updates
2024-R3 | New Course & Video
2024-R2 | Course Updates
2024-R2 | New Course
2024-R1 | Course Updates
2024-R1 | New Course


2024-R4 | Course Updates

  • Customize Your Tenant With Admin Console: The Announcements section has a new page about how to configure visibility for announcements that come from Turvo. You can set up desired visibility for each announcement type that Turvo may send.
  • Manage Your Documents: The Add & Edit Documents lesson includes an explanation and example of filtering shipments by documents criteria. For example, you can quickly find shipments that already have, or are missing, a specific document type.

2024-R4 | New Courses

  • Bulk Postings: Our second microlearning course offers a quick tutorial on how to create postings for multiple shipments at once for your internal network of carriers to select and cover.
  • Items & Inventory: In this course, we cover how users can utilize the Items feature to add and manage items on their orders and shipments. For those using Turvo’s Inventory visibility feature, the course also covers how to monitor inventory levels at facilities. This course includes three new videos that are also available in the Turvo Help Center:


2024-R3 | Course Updates

  • Build Your Network: The Accepting a Turvo Network Connection Request video is updated to reflect UI changes and changes to the tenant set up process.
  • Customize Your Tenant With Admin Console: The Rules section now briefly covers how to create auto transition shipment status rules.
  • Essentials Orientation: The Welcome to Turvo section now mentions that non-SSO users are signed out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • Execute a Shipment | Advanced: The Freight Happens lesson is updated to include information on removing and changing tracking methods on a shipment, as well as specific information for the Trucker Tools telematics integration. When the tracking method is changed for a shipment, the previous tracking information is kept in the Timeline tab.

2024-R3 | New Course & Video

  • Customize Your Dashboard: This is Turvo Academy’s first microlearning course on a singular topic! The new course covers how to set up which dashboard cards are available on the tenant and role levels. Learners who do not have permissions to these admin options can skip ahead to the user content that demonstrates how to personally adjust your dashboard. Learn how to add, hide, rearrange, and filter your dashboard cards. What makes this microlearning? Complete the course in just 4-8 min!
  • Updating & Resolving Exceptions Demo Video: The Work Smarter With Workbench course includes an interactive video that walks learners through how to update and resolve exceptions. This topic is now also covered in a new video that can be watched in the Turvo Help Center:


2024-R2 | Course Updates

  • Essentials Orientation: The Creating a Customer video is updated to include the workflow for blacklisting carriers on the customer’s profile.
  • How to Use Turvo Academy as an Admin: This course designed for Turvo Academy admins includes more details about all of the widgets available on the Admin Dashboard, as well as additional guidance on the 90 Day Training Program. Existing Turvo Academy reports have changed slightly over time, and are now accurate in the course. The How to Monitor User Progress article in the Help Center is also updated, and the Utilize the Admin Dashboard article is brand new.
  • Manage Your Documents: The Sharing Documents lesson is updated to include information on adding and emailing documents in the Turvo Mobile app, including BOLs.
  • Manage Your Users & Groups: The Create & Manage Users section is updated with guidance on how to handle expired user invitations. This includes automatically re-sending email invites, and being notified when auto invites are exhausted.

2024-R2 | New Course


2024-R1 | Course Updates

  • Accounting: In the Phases, Statuses & Tags lesson, information on the system-generated tags for shipments is updated to include the #Missing[DocType] tag. If additional documents are required for a shipment, this custom tag may be configured by your organization through autopilot. It shows specific missing documents required for the shipment at any phase or status (e.g. #MissingBOL, #MissingReceipt).
  • Execute a Shipment | Advanced: The Track & Trace lesson is updated to include ETA enhancements, including using driver-reported layover time in ETA calculations, and ETA configurations based on preferences and mode at the customer account level. Additionally, the lesson now includes information on Turvo’s integration with TextLocate, which allows users to manually track shipments through location updates via SMS.
  • Find & Assign Carriers: The Automate Coverage with Routing Guide lesson is updated to include the new routing guide-related capabilities for brokers: auto-assigning carriers that have established contracts with them, and searching for the routing guide entity via Search.
  • Manage Your Users & Groups: The Create & Manage Visibility Groups section now mentions Items as an entity you can create rules for to auto-assign visibility groups.

2024-R1 | New Course


2023-R4 | Course Updates

  • Build Your Network: The Build Your Network course has a new video that demonstrates how information is shared during shipment execution when shippers, brokers, and carriers are all connected through the Turvo Network. The video is also available in the Turvo Help Center:
  • Essentials Orientation: The Create a Customer video was updated to show the ability to mark carriers as blacklisted in your tenant. Blacklisted carriers cannot be manually assigned to a shipment, and they cannot be selected automatically by your network, routing guide, API, or appointment scheduling.
  • Find & Assign Carriers:
    • The Automate Coverage with the Routing Guide lesson is updated to show the new build precedence that considers mode, equipment type, and size when matching a routing guide to a shipment. Additionally, the Setup a Routing Guide video includes new information on adding visibility groups to routing guides when they are created. The video is also available in the Turvo Help Center:
    • The Make & Manage Offers lesson has updated videos on the offers process for both brokers and carriers. Updates include the ability for carriers to add driver, truck, and tracking information when accepting an offer, as well as automatic updates to pending offers when changes are made to the rate, route, or services on a shipment. The updated videos are also available in the Turvo Help Center:
  • How to Use Turvo Academy: The How to Use Turvo Academy video is updated to show how the new course player works. The video is also available in the Turvo Help Center:
  • Manage Your Users & Groups: The Create & Manage Groups section introduces the ability to add visibility groups when creating contracts, global rates, service plans, fuel surcharge plans, and routing guides.
  • Orientation: The Sharing & Collaboration lesson now includes the addition of Pickup links in tooltip activities about a shipment’s Sharing tab and a location’s details.

2023-R4 | Learner Experience Updates

  • Curricula Changes: "Turvo Basics" curricula are now hidden. No courses have been removed as a result. All new learners should be enrolling in and completing the Foundations curriculum as communicated back in July.
  • Admin Dashboard: The Admin dashboard for Turvo Academy Admin users is updated to reflect the change. There are no longer shortcuts to reporting on "Turvo Basics" progress. Stats now focus on Foundations curricula and additional courses that are recommended during a learner's first 90 days.


2023-October | Learner Experience Updates

  • Courses have a new look! Now courses immediately open to the first page of the first lesson, which saves a few clicks. Navigating to lessons is easier than ever. Continue to the next lesson or quiz without leaving the course player. The How to Use Turvo Academy course is updated, along with the How to use Turvo Academy article and video.
  • Course details remain visible while you learn, so resources and what lies ahead are easily accessible.


2023-R3 | Course Updates

  • Find & Assign Carriers: The Make & Manage Offers lesson now includes the enhancements to the carrier offer workflow that allows carriers to add driver and tracking details on the offers page. This information can be used to start the tracking on shipments.
  • LTL Shipments: The course has newly updated resources for creating LTL contracts, as users now have the ability to create any LTL contract in Turvo, not just SMC3.
  • Manage Your Users & Groups: All mention of “groups” is updated to “visibility groups” to match updates made to Turvo's user interface (UI). A new video about creating and managing visibility groups has replaced embedded slide content. The video is also available in the Turvo Help Center:
  • Turvo Driver App: The Shipment Execution with Driver App video reflects changes in the UI for item inspections. Drivers will no longer need to solicit signatures for item inspections; they will be prompted to “log a product issue” instead.


2023-July | Course Updates

  • General updates: Simplified navigation by replacing most embedded Google Slides pages with other content native to our course authoring tool. We will continue replacing this content throughout the year in future updates.
  • Orientation: The first four lessons are now combined into one introductory lesson with many topics being newly condensed into videos. New content covering how to create locations, customers, and carriers has been added to this lesson. The Sharing Concepts and Collaboration Tools lessons are also now combined into one lesson, and include new content & scenarios involving regular and delivery location links, and editing location profile details.
  • Execute a Shipment: This course was formerly titled "Shipment Execution." The Complete a Shipment lesson has been removed and replaced by a new course called Settle a Shipment. Lastly, four new videos replace existing page content, including the new “Advanced Workflow” for creating and executing a TL shipment. The new videos are also available in the Turvo Help Center:
  • Manage Your Documents: Replaced existing page content with four new videos, and re-recorded interactive video to address glitches. These new videos are also available in the Turvo Help Center:
  • Find & Assign Carriers:Updated information for creating shipment postings in bulk.
  • Turvo Driver App:To address redundancy, Introduction to Driver App and Sharing Shipments with Drivers lessons were combined into one Get Started with Driver App lesson. Replaced existing page content with two new videos that are also available in the Help Center:
  • How to Use Turvo Academy: This course, which is required by all new users to take before starting their first course, is now a breeze to complete. Pages with gifs and tooltips are now replaced by a single video and a few simple pages! The video is also available in the Help Center:
  • LTL Shipments: Information on Banyan was removed from the course, as this integration with Turvo was discontinued.

2023-July | New Courses

  • Set Up Rates & Routing Guides: This new admin course showcases rating options in Turvo, including contracts, global rates, service plans, and fuel surcharge plans. Learn how to create and implement each. The Automate Coverage with the Routing Guide lesson from the Find & Assign Carriers course is now a lesson in this new course, since most of the topics are for admins. The last lesson covers how to automatically calculate customer and carrier rates on shipments. The course contains videos that are also available in the Turvo Help Center:
  • Settle a Shipment: This new course shows the process for creating invoices and recording carrier payments after a shipment is in the Ready for billing status.

2023-July | Learner Experience Updates

  • Curricula Changes: Role-based curricula are being phased out. New users access a Foundations curriculum that contains all foundational courses, including admin and accounting courses that are optional for completion. These courses should be taken depending on a learner's role and business needs.
  • New Badges: We've introduced four additional badges that are received after the completion of each of the admin and accounting courses! The existing Productivity Panda badge, which is earned by completing the Enhance Your Productivity curriculum, also got a re-design.

Turvo Academy_All Badges.png

  • User Access: Turvo Academy’s access policy has been updated. Non-admin users will be deactivated after 90 days. If you are currently onboarding, then users retain access until 90 days past your go-live date. Turvo Academy admin users can make users active again if they need more time or want to revisit courses.


2023-R2 | Course Updates

  • Turvo Driver App: The course has updated information related to shipment start times and location tracking.
    • Shipment start times are now configurable by Turvo Admin users and will automatically update for drivers using the Turvo Driver app.
    • Operators can manually ping the driver’s device to verify their location. The location is automatically updated within the shipment and on the shipment’s map in Turvo.
    • New information was also added to the course resources detailing restrictions for drivers trying to access the Driver App invite link from a different phone number.
  • Find & Assign Carriers: Updated information for carriers who accept an offer via email is included in the course. Once the rate is accepted, the carrier can now add the driver’s name and phone number, and the driver immediately receives information for the shipment.


2023-May | New Curriculum & Courses

  • Essentials Foundations: We designed this new curriculum for our smaller customers to accelerate their onboarding process. Essentials Foundations contains three new courses:
    • Essentials Orientation: This first new course introduces the foundational knowledge needed to get started in Turvo. Topics include how to navigate and interact with the user interface, find and view content, customize your profile, and create accounts.
    • Execute a Shipment: This course covers the life of a shipment from creating a shipment, getting the shipment covered, tracking with the Turvo Driver app, and preparing the shipment for billing.
    • Settle a Shipment: This course walks through the final preparations for a shipment to be ready for billing. This includes adding required documents, updating costs, invoicing a customer, and recording a carrier payment.
  • These courses include eight new videos that are also available to watch in the Help Center:
  • The existing curriculum Personalize Your Workspace has a new name: Enhance Your Productivity to better describe its contents.


2023-R1 | Course Updates

  • Accounting: The Payments Admin Console lesson now includes updates to Turvo’s auto-invoicing feature that allows admins to configure auto-sharing of invoices to customer and carrier tenants. Resources were also added to detail how to add a fallback email for auto-invoicing.
  • Customize Your Tenant With Admin Console: The new Custom template option in Document templates is introduced.
  • Find & Assign Carriers: The Automate Coverage with Routing Guide lesson now includes several routing guide enhancements:
    • For those creating routing guides, these enhancements include the ability to control times when you do not want offers to expire, syncing updates to contracts to those within a routing sequence, and the addition of the Global Rates tab to add them to a routing sequence.
    • For operators using routing guides, they can now restart the routing guide if needed and view the routing sequence in the shipment Details tab. If a routing guide encounters an error or if no offers are accepted, exceptions are created on the shipment and can be managed in workbench.
  • Manage Your Users & Groups: The Create and Manage Users lesson has been updated to include the option of copying standard user roles and setting up shipment and order lockout rules.
  • Turvo Driver App:Updated information has been added related to automatic status updates and geofences. At Pickup/At Delivery milestones are automatically updated via the Driver app when the driver crosses a geofence. Checked-in, Picked Up, and Delivered statuses must be manually completed by the driver in the Turvo Driver app or by the broker in their tenant.


2022-December | Course Updates

  • Orientation:
    • The Shipments Overview lesson has a new video that walks you through the entire lifetime of a shipment in Turvo. Learners can see how a shipment is created, planned, executed, billed, and completed. The video also demonstrates how a carrier responds to an offer, and how a driver interacts with the shipment via the Turvo Driver app. The video is available to watch in the Help Center too:How to create & execute a TL shipment.
    • The Sharing Concepts lesson was updated to include an introduction to inviting your partners to your network.
  • Find & Assign Carriers: The Make & Manage Offers lesson now contains an interactive video activity that shows how easy it is to make an offer inthree clicks!
  • Be Informed: Additional real-world examples of notification rules were added. The new scenarios cover being notified when drivers using the Turvo Driver app don’t have the proper location services settings enabled on their phone, when an offer status changes, and when an offer is countered.

2022-December | New Course

  • Plan Your Orders Into Shipments: This new course introduces creating and editing orders, then jumps into all of the possibilities for planning orders into shipments. Learn how you can manually plan orders into shipments, and how to take advantage of Turvo’s Auto plan option to further automate your workflow. You'll also learn how to leverage settings and rules to optimize planning, and how to address possible errors along the way.


2022-November | Learner Experience Updates

  • Improved Curriculum Organization: Courses have been thoughtfully rearranged and organized into thematic groups within each curriculum. The LTL Shipments course is included in the Operator, Admin, and Turvo Champion curricula, but is optional. Note: Courses within a group must be completed before the next group of courses can be started.
  • Additional Curriculum: A new curriculum for Turvo Champions serves as a singular place for Turvo Champions to take all Turvo Academy courses during onboarding.
  • Course Evaluations: Turvo Academy has a new method for gathering feedback! The course evaluation for each course is now located within the last lesson. The Turvo Academy team reviews all of the feedback we receive and actively make changes/updates to improve our content.


2022-R4 | Course Updates

  • Accounting: The Phases, Statuses & Tags and Payments Admin Console lessons reflect changes to the required document workflow which expanded the options for which documents are and are not required for billing.
  • Build Your Network: The Manage & Grow Your Network lesson now includes updated information on the invite workflow for self-service networking, and enabling connected customers to soft-select carriers for a shipment.
  • Customize Your Tenant With Admin Console: How to use the Roles & permissions and Announcement tiles are now included. A new video, Admin Console: Roles & Permissions, covers how to view user roles and permissions, customize new roles, and edit and manage existing custom roles.
  • Find & Assign Carriers: The Using Turvo’s Routing Guide video is updated with information on opting in/out of active routing guides for existing shipments. The video also demonstrates how shipments presented through EDI can be sent through a routing guide.
  • How to Use Turvo Academy: The required course that all learners take after first signing into Turvo Academy has been enhanced to include tooltip pages that condense the material so there are fewer pages to consume. All mentions of the old way to provide course feedback has been removed.
  • LTL Shipments: The Create & Book LTL Shipments lesson includes the new refresh button to re-rate carriers in the Carriers tab. The carrier list must be manually refreshed, or the shipment updated, to update the previously shown carrier rates (P44/Banyan integrations only.) This lesson also reflects changes in the LTL shipment creation process, specifically the requirement of a delivery date for booking, and, if using a P44 integration for rating and booking, item information will now automatically populate.
  • Take Shortcuts: The Update Shipments in Bulk pages now highlight the ability to update the appointment times for shipments.


2022-August | New Course

  • LTL Shipments: This course covers the basics of preparing, creating, and executing less-than-truckload shipments in Turvo. You'll also learn more about the capabilities of your organization's carrier rating platform as it integrates with Turvo.


2022-R3 | Course Updates

  • Manage Your Users & Groups: The Create and Manage Users lesson now includes how to view role permission details and create custom roles in Admin console.
  • Find & Assign Carriers: The Automate Coverage with Routing Guide lesson now includes enhancements to the routing guide creation process, including targeting regions by 3-digit zip codes and the ability to add carrier groups to the offer sequence.
  • Build Your Network: The Manage & Grow Your Network lesson now includes steps for Turvo users to decide tenant configurations for customers after inviting them to join the Turvo Network.
  • Accounting: The Reports & Billing lesson includes an update to the Invoice customer report, which now allows users to filter customer invoices by Billing status.

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