2022-R3 Patch One Release Notes

This article features a comprehensive list of the 2022-R3 Patch One new features and fixed issues released to production on August 25, 2022.

See the 2022 Turvo Release Schedule article for a list of milestone dates and links to published release Notes, Lists, and Announcements for the current release and past releases.

The Patch One feature list and notes are included in the following sections:

2022-R3 Patch One features and enhancements

Transportation, excellence, and planning (TEP)

  • Correcting locations for shipment costs
    We enhanced the Turvo user interface so you can delete an entry in the Location field when adding a new cost item to a shipment and without deleting the entire cost item. You can now click the small X in the field to delete the Location entry.


  • CR-12770: Shipment services now displayed on the shipment Overview card
    We added a Shipment services field to the Overview card found in the shipment’s Summary tab. This field displays information from the Services field in the shipment’s Details tab > Shipment block > Equipment needed segment.





  • CR-10486: The Shipper homepage now includes a Tasks card
    In 2022-R3, we introduced a new shipper dashboard option to Turvo. We now added a Tasks card to the dashboard that displays the tasks assigned to you, sorted by due date, and in ascending order.

    See the Using the Dashboard for smart insights article in the Help Center for more information about dashboard options.


  • CR-11347MyCarrier Packets (MCP) data identifiable in policies
    The Notes section of the carrier insurance policies in Turvo now identifies data that was imported from MCP. Previously, it was not shown that the data came from MCP.

    Contact your Turvo representative to enable this configuration.

    See Turvo's MyCarrier Packets integration for more information about the MCP integration.

  • CR-12125: FTP to SFTP update to Turvo’s FourKites integration
    We improved the security of the FourKites integration by changing the connection from FTP to SFTP. This secures the connection and encrypts the data transferred between Turvo and FourKites.

    If you are a Turvo customer with the FourKites integration already implemented using FTP, no action is necessary to continue using the integration.

    See Turvo’s FourKites integration for more information.

  • CR-12797 MCP integration enhancement for payment methods and terms
    We enhanced our MCP integration to ingest the payment methods and terms from MCP when a carrier is created. Turvo leverages MCP as the primary source of information by not updating the payment methods and terms when a MCP change occurs.

    Contact your Turvo representative to enable this configuration.
  • CR-12823 Enhanced job scheduler for the MCP integration
    We enhanced the job scheduler for Turvo's MCP integration to retrieve the date and time once when the job runs in the application.

2022-R3 Patch One fixed issues

The following table lists the issues resolved in the 2022-R3 Patch One release. 

Zendesk ticket numbers

Issue description

18781 Investigated a requested temperature not displaying on the rate con.
19287 and 19289 Updated missing weight and palate information in shipment information.

19299 and 19585

Updated task notifications to display Shipment IDs in emails.

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