Turvo's Parade integration

Parade is a capacity management platform that can help you manage carrier relationships, availability, and pricing. By integrating Parade with your Turvo tenant, you can take advantage of Book It Now functionality and the carrier capacity and quotes features.

Integration prerequisites

Before you enable Turvo’s Parade integration using a webhook, contact  your Parade representative to request the following information:

  • Notify URL: The URL Turvo uses to send the webhook events to.
  • Token: The system-provided permanent token key for using the webhook connectivity.

Email partners@parade.ai if you are not currently a Parade customer and need more information about purchasing a Parade account.

You will also need to identify and use an existing Turvo admin user account, or create a new user account with admin permissions or higher to identify as the admin for this integration.  

Enable the Parade integration in Integration hub

Complete the following steps in order:

  1. Click your profile icon in the top right corner and select Admin console from the drop-down.


  2. Click the Integration hub tile.


  3. Click the Parade card under the Carrier Services title. The Parade integration section opens.


Create your API profile


In the Public API section:

  • API profile name: Enter the profile name that you will use for the integration.
  • API user name: Begin typing the name of the Admin-level user you previously created for this integration and select it from the drop-down. You should also have the password for this user. If not, you can reset the password from the Turvo login page.


Create the webhook profile


Follow these steps to create your webhook profile:

  1. Locate the permanent bearer token you obtained from Parade (see the Integration prerequisites section in this article for more information).
  2. Based on your business requirements, toggle the Shipment, Carrier, and User toggles ON to generate the webhook profile names for those entities.
  3. Subscribe to the webhook updates from Turvo in Parade by clicking the checkboxes for the Shipment, Carrier, and User entities and if you want the Create, Update, or Status actions to activate the webhook updates.
  4. Add the Notify URLs you received from Parade (see the “Integration prerequisites” section for more information) for the Shipment, Carrier, and User entities.
  5. Click Save to keep your selections.

Copy and provide the Turvo endpoints and credentials to Parade


  1. Copy your Username. Paste it in an email draft or document that you can attach to an email and send to Parade.
  2. Click the copy icon to the right of the Password to copy your password. Paste it in an email draft or document that you can attach to an email and send to Parade.
  3. Copy the Turvo endpoint URL (the blue hyperlink in the sentence below the Password). Paste it in an email draft or document that you can send to Parade. 

Then, email or share these items with Parade to complete the configuration.

Book It Now feature

If the carrier books the shipment through Parade, the shipment status moves to Covered in Turvo. The timeline displays the booking event and identifies Parade as the source.



Carrier capacity and quotes functionality

To view quote data, navigate to a shipment in Turvo and click the Carriers tab. The External section identifies capacity and quotes from outside Turvo.


The carrier information received from Parade is identified in the Source column.


If the displayed carrier is in your network, you are able to send an offer. If the carrier is not in your network, you can onboard the new carrier:


For more information, see How to send an offer to a carrier.

To view Parade capacity data:
Navigate to Marketplace from the and make sure the Assets toggle is on.


The capacity data that Turvo receives from Parade is identified in the Source column.


See Manage your assets in Turvo for more information about managing availability statuses, to edit details, or view which assets are executing which shipments.

Historical shipment data for Parade onboarding

Contact your Turvo representative if you need historical shipment data when onboarding Parade and Turvo.

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