Turvo's P44 LTL integration

Turvo’s project44 (P44) integration can be used for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment rating and booking, or for telematics integration with your over-the-road assets to sync tracking information from your P44 account to your Turvo shipments.

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P44 integration capabilities

For LTL shipments, Turvo’s P44 integration will enable your tenant to utilize your organization’s P44 account to retrieve rates and book your P44-connected carriers for LTL shipments directly from your Turvo tenant.

Protip: Turvo also provides integration with SMC3 CzarLite. The table below displays the capabilities of each LTL partner platform integration. See our Turvo’s SMC3 CzarLite integration article to learn more about that integrations





Share rates with customer?



Document Capture


In order to use the P44 integration, the following requirements must be met:

  • Credentials must be provided to Turvo Support for integration with you tenant
  • The carrier must be present in your P44 VOC Dashboard account.
  • The carrier must be configured in your Turvo tenant for LTL visibility, and information from your P44 VOC Dashboard must be configured to link the carrier profiles in both platforms.

P44 account setup with Turvo

To enable the P44 integration for your tenant, submit a support request for the integration. In the request form:

  1. Set the Request Type field to a Configuration Request
  2. Provide the username and password used to log in to your organization’s P44 Visibility Operations Center (VOC) dashboard in the Description field.

Turvo Support will use the credentials to ensure your Turvo tenant can access your P44 account. Once the integration is complete, Turvo Support will notify you.

P44 for LTL shipments

Once your integration has been configured and enabled by Turvo Support, you will need to configure your carriers in both P44 and Turvo to utilize the integration for LTL shipments in Turvo.

Configure your carriers in your P44 VOC dashboard

Your P44 account requires configuration within the VOC dashboard for each carrier you connect to P44. Turvo cannot retrieve information from a carrier through P44 if the carrier has not already been configured within your P44 VOC dashboard. This process will vary from carrier to carrier.


Use P44’s Carrier Credentials Guides  page to look up the instructions for setting up Capacity Provider profiles for each of your carriers on the VOC dashboard.

Note: You will need to log in to your P44 account to access the Carrier Credentials Guides on P44’s website.

Toggle carriers in Turvo for LTL visibility

Once the Capacity Provider profile has been created for a carrier, you will configure each of your P44-connected LTL carriers in Turvo individually to appear in LTL rating results.

Note: If the carrier does not already exist in Turvo, you must first create a carrier. See our article, How to create a carrier, to learn more.

To access the carrier’s account in your Turvo tenant:

  1. Use the left navigation menu to navigate to Accounts > Carriers.
  2. In the Carriers page, select the carrier you want to make visible for LTL shipments by scrolling down to find it or using filters.
    1. Note: Carrier account pages will also appear when typing their name into the global search bar. See our article, Searching in Turvo, to learn more about using the global search bar.
  3. In the carrier’s account page, click the Details tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Settings section and click the header to expand the section.
    1. Note: If the carrier has not been enabled for LTL visibility, you will see the text, “Not shown in LTL results,” in the Settings section and LTL segment headers before you open them, as seen below. Once enabled the text will read, “Shown in LTL results,” when the headers are collapsed.


  1. Click the Show carrier in LTL results toggle to set it to the ON position.
    1. Protip: The toggle will be grey if in the OFF position and will change to blue when clicked into the ON position.


Protip: If a red warning icon appears to the right of the Show carrier in LTL results toggle, it indicates that the carrier’s SCAC ID has not been configured in the carrier’s account page in your Turvo tenant. If you would like to add a SCAC ID to the carrier’s profile, from the Details tab, open the General section, click Profile, and then click + Add SCAC. Fill in the ID and click the SAVE button at the bottom of the Profile segment.

  1. Once the carrier’s account has been set to appear in LTL results, use the P44 VOC carrier reference fields, outlined below, to connect the carrier’s account on your Turvo tenant to their profile on your P44 VOC dashboard.


Protip: If your P44 integration with Turvo has been activated, the carrier has been configured in your P44, and you have set the carrier’s SCAC number in their account on your Turvo tenant, the fields below should automatically fill in once a SCAC ID is selected and you click SAVE.

  • Account: The name of your P44 account. This field will be filled in automatically if the integration with your P44 account has been activated for your Turvo tenant.
  • Carrier SCAC: The carrier’s SCAC ID will be used to check whether a carrier is already enabled in your P44 VOC dashboard.
    • Click this field and use the drop-down to select from the SCAC IDs configured in the carrier’s account profile.
    • In the Capacity Providers page of your P44 VOC settings, the carrier’s SCAC ID serves as the Capacity Provider ID.
  • Account Code: The account number for the carrier’s P44 Capacity Provider profile.
    • Open the Capacity Providers page of your P44 VOC settings and copy from the carrier’s Account Code field.
  • Account Group: This is the “Reference key” attached to the carrier’s P44 Capacity Provider profile, which P44 uses to identify the customer-specific credentials for the carrier’s web service.
    • Open the Capacity Providers page of your P44 VOC settings and copy the value in parentheses from the carrier’s Account Group field.

Note: All fields are required to successfully set up P44 integration for the carrier in Turvo.


  1. Once the P44 VOC carrier reference fields are filled in, click SAVE.
  2. Turvo will now initiate two-way communication with P44 to provide LTL rating and booking services with the carrier, as well as shipment tracking and document capture.

Protip: After completion of the integration, we recommend testing the connection between P44 and Turvo. See the Verify LTL integration connectivity  section in the LTL Shipment Guide to learn more.

Note: If you have multiple Capacity Provider accounts set up in your P44 VOC Dashboard for the same carrier (e.g., if you have multiple contracts with different customers to use that carrier), use the +Add account button to add credentials for other accounts.

LTL platform integration capabilities

To learn more about testing your integrations’ connectivity, using P44 and the other LTL platform integrations for rating/booking LTL shipments in Turvo, shipment tracking in Turvo, document capture in Turvo, and considerations specific to LTL shipments, see our LTL Shipment Guide article.

P44 for TL shipment tracking

Turvo’s P44 integration is available for telematics integration for your truckload (TL) assets. These TL assets can be assigned to carriers fulfilling your TL shipments to sync tracking information from your P44 account to your Turvo shipments. See our article, Connecting P44 as a telematics provider for TL assets and shipments, to learn more about this feature. 

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