Hiding first-come first-served appointment dates in your tenant

By default, Turvo utilizes the same user interface for shipment pickup and delivery routes, whether they are By appointment or First come, first served (FCFS).

If you need to make FCFS stops more distinct from By appointment stops in your Turvo tenant, you can request the configuration detailed in this article to “hide” the appointment date for first come first served stops on your shipments.

Note: The Appointment date field for FCFS stops will still be visible throughout your Turvo tenant, but will be blank.

This article covers the following topics:

How to request the configuration

Submit a request to Turvo Support to have your tenant’s FCFS appointment dates hidden. In the request’s description, be sure to mention that you want your tenant’s Hide appointment date if FCFS toggle turned on.

See our article, How to submit support requests and view requests, to learn more about submitting support requests.

Turvo Support will notify you once the configuration is complete.

Impacts on shipments and exceptions

The Date and Time fields for FCFS stops in the shipment’s Details tab > Customers block > Route segment reflect the day the carrier is currently expected to arrive at the location. Typically, these fields are what Turvo uses to fill the corresponding Pickup/Delivery appointment fields in the shipment’s Summary tab and on the list view.

Turning on the Hide appointment date if FCFS toggle will mean the date entered in the Date and Time fields is not reflected in the Pickup/Delivery date fields that appear in the following locations:

Protip: Updating the Date field does not change the Requested, Planned, Actual, and/or Original dates, which are created and managed separately under the stop’s More details fields. See our article, Understanding dates and times on a route, to learn more about these date types.

Overview card

When viewing the Summary tab on a shipment, the Pickup/Delivery scheduling type is marked as FCFS and the corresponding Pickup/Delivery appointment date fields will be blank. The image below shows a shipment with an appointment date at the By appointment pickup location and a blank appointment date for the FCFS delivery location.

Note: If the hidden FCFS appointment date configuration is not applied in your tenant, the Scheduling type fields will still display FCFS and the current appointment date will appear in the Pickup appointment (origin) and Delivery appointment (destination) fields.

Shipments page list view

While viewing the list view of the Shipments page, the Pickup appointment date and/or Delivery appointment date will be blank if the origin pickup and/or destination location is marked as FCFS in the shipment’s route.

Filter shipments by Scheduling type

The Scheduling Type filter that is available under the More filters option is not limited to tenants utilizing the Hide appointment date if FCFS toggle. However, it can be useful while reviewing the Shipments page list view to find shipments that include or exclude stops with one or more of the available scheduling types.

Use the Is/Is Not toggle to include or exclude scheduling types and use the drop-down to select from FCFS, By Appointment, and/or Turvo Appointment Scheduling.


While shipment exceptions typically reflect fields for all dates associated with the shipment, the Pickup/delivery appointment fields for FCFS will not be displayed in shipment exceptions.

This will not impact the functionality of the exception.

Features not affected by hiding FCFS appointment dates

Appointment confirmation

If your tenant utilizes Turvo’s appointment confirmation feature, regardless of the appointment date configuration for FCFS stops, the Confirm/Unconfirm appointment checkboxes and appointment confirmation icon are not available for those stops.

Protip: See our article, How to mark pickup and delivery appointments as confirmed in Turvo, to learn more about Turvo’s appointment confirmation feature.

Shipment sharing

The effects of this setting are limited to your tenant only. Shipping partners in your Turvo network will not see any changes to their appointment date visibility unless they also submit a request to have their FCFS appointment dates hidden.

#ApproachingLate and #RunningLate

Hiding your FCFS appointment dates will not affect your tenant’s settings for the #ApproachingLate and #RunningLate tags and notifications.

Protip: See our Understanding #ApproachingLate and #RunningLate tags article to learn more about these features.

Turvo Reports

A number of reports contained in Turvo Reports utilize the current appointment date found in a route’s first and last stop’s Date and Time fields, as described above in the Impacts on shipments and exceptions section’s introduction, to populate the Pickup/Delivery date columns. Turvo Reports will still utilize these dates and will be unaffected by hiding FCFS appointments.

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