2022-R2 Patch Release Notes

This article features a comprehensive list of the new features and bug fixes released to production in the 2022-R2 Patch on June 9, 2022.

The list and notes are included in the following sections:

2022-R2 Patch release: New features


  • CR-8313 – Facilitator tenant now shown as subtext in LTL shipments' Carriers tab: While rating an LTL shipment as a shipper with your logistics service provider integrations (such as P44 or Banyan), you may receive multiple rates for the same carrier if brokers in your network also offer rates through the same logistics service provider.

    To reduce the confusion regarding which account the rate is associated with, the Source column in the Carriers tab for LTL shipments now includes a subtext displaying which tenant facilitated the rate from the provider.

  • CR-11778 and CR-12043 – Updates to FCFS appointment dates:

    We made the following changes to first come, first served (FCFS) pickup and delivery stops in your shipments:

    • By submitting a support request to hide your FCFS appointment dates, the Pickup/Delivery appointment date fields will be blank in the Shipments page list view, the Overview card of a shipment’s Summary tab, and in exceptions associated with the shipment.

      For more information on requesting this configuration and how it will affect your tenant, see
      Hiding first come first served appointment dates in your tenant.

    • The following updates apply to all tenants:

      • A new Scheduling Type filter option has been added to the Shipments page, allowing you to filter for shipments that include or exclude stops with specific scheduling types.

      • If your tenant uses Turvo’s appointment confirmation feature, you will no longer see the appointment confirmation icon or the Confirm appointment checkbox next to FCFS stops in your shipments.


  • CR-10423 – Update to MyCarrier Packets (MCP) methods and terms:
    We added a configuration to prevent the ingestion of payment methods and terms into Turvo from MCP. Contact your Turvo representative to enable this configuration.
    For more information about the MCP integration, see Turvo's MyCarrier Packets integration

  • CR-10826, CR-10872, and CR-10938 – P44 and MacroPoint are available as tracking providers for assets and shipments:
    The Tracking provider information in the Create and Edit asset modals now offer P44 and MacroPoint as options for tracking an asset. Selecting one of these services causes an Asset identifier type drop-down to appear, where you will select the asset identifier to be used for tracking by your P44 or MacroPoint account. The corresponding ID from P44 or MacroPoint is then entered into the Asset identifier value field.

    Also, the Tracking provider segment under the Carriers block of TL shipments can be used to link the shipment directly to your P44 or MacroPoint account, using the same Asset identifier type and Asset identifier value fields.

    Note: Only P44 and MacroPoint can be added to a shipment via the Tracking provider segment.

    Reference the Connecting to telematics providers in Turvo, Turvo's MacroPoint integrations, and Connecting P44 as a telematics provider for TL assets and shipments articles for more information.

  • TriumphPay standard integration: We updated our TriumphPay integration to be more standard and configurable. The integration now has the option to send invoice and carrier profile data to TriumphPay every hour or every 24 hours, depending on your organization’s needs.

    Contact your Turvo representative to enable this configuration.

  • CR-11599 – Triumph Business Capital (TBC) Billing enhancement:
    Currently, if TBC is enabled, it is automatically applied to all customers within the same tenant. Based on user feedback, we added the option to specify which customers within a tenant should or should not use TBC.

    Contact your Turvo representative to enable this configuration.

2022-R2 Patch release - Fixed issues

The following table lists the issues and bugs resolved in the 2022-R2 patch release. 

Issue description

Zendesk ticket numbers

RMIS Carriers are not syncing to Turvo   17041 and 18030
Update to RMIS terms mapping  17260
Locations in payload webhooks are inconsistent 17827
Shipments are not extracting as expected 17920
Carrier's Tax IDs are not transferring from
RMIS to Turvo 
Shipment status is cut off (incomplete)  18118
Copied Shipments not populating shipment details 18200, 18215, 18252, 18254, 18260, and 18395

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