Turvo Academy: How to sign up for Turvo Academy

Once you receive your enrollment key name or enrollment key link, you’re ready to create your account and get started with your onboarding!

Note: Keep the link on file to use for your future new hires. Anyone who uses the link to sign up will be associated with your company and their learner data can be tracked from your admin dashboard.

Enrollment Key Name

If you received an enrollment key name, go to academy.turvo.com and click Sign Up.

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You’ll be prompted to enter the enrollment key name. The enrollment key field is case and space sensitive; enter your enrollment key name exactly as it appears. Once you click Sign Up, it will open the sign up page associated with your organization.

Note: If you receive an error message that your enrollment key is used up or expired, contact your Turvo representative for assistance.

Enrollment Key Link

If you received an enrollment key link, you can skip these steps! Simply click the link to be taken directly to the Turvo Academy sign up page associated with your organization. No key entry needed!

Once you’ve reached the sign up page for your organization, fill out the required fields:

  • First Name: Enter your first name.
  • Last Name: Enter your last name.
  • Email: Enter your work email address. Your email address used for sign up will be your username for Turvo Academy. Note: If you do not use a work email associated with a company that uses Turvo, then your account may become Inactive.
  • Password and Re-enter Password: Create a password for your account; passwords must be at least 6 characters in length.

TA Sign Up.png

When finished, click Sign Up to create your Turvo Academy account. If your account is successfully created, you’ll automatically be signed in and taken to the How to Use Turvo Academy course. This brief course must be completed to access the rest of Turvo Academy. To learn more about navigating and completing courses, see our article on How to use Turvo Academy.

How to Use TA 2.png

If the page does not refresh after clicking Sign Up, it is possible that your enrollment key has expired, or all granted uses have been claimed. Contact your Turvo representative for assistance.

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