Turvo Academy: How to monitor user progress

As a Turvo Academy admin, you have the ability to monitor users’ progress. You can get a high level overview of curriculum progress from the Admin Dashboard, but you can get much more information from reports. The Admin Dashboard comes equipped with four common reports, but you can customize them to show what’s most important to you.

If you need to know how to manage users, see the How to manage Turvo Academy users article.


Monitor Users’ Progress from the Admin Dashboard

Step 1: Enter the admin portal

Turvo Academy opens to the Learner Dashboard. To access the admin portal, click the hamburger icon in the top right, then select Admin.

Note: If you don’t see Admin as an option from the menu, then your user is not set up with an admin role. Submit a support request, or contact your assigned Turvo representative, to discuss gaining access.

Step 2: Access the admin dashboard

Admin opens to the Admin Dashboard. The dashboard has ten widgets, but Foundations Curriculum + Admin and Accounting Courses Progress, Saved Reports, and My Generated Reports are most helpful with monitoring user progress.

Admin Dashboard Example_With Generated Reports.png

  • Foundations Curriculum + Admin and Accounting Courses Progress: This widget contains a read-only graph that highlights the Foundations curriculum along with the admin and accounting courses. Hover over each bar in the graph for a quick look at the percentage of enrolled employees who have completed, are in progress, or have not started the curriculum/course.

    Keep in mind that the percentages refer to the percentage of enrolled users. The admin and accounting courses are optional to complete the Foundations curriculum, so the number of users enrolled is presumably smaller than that of Foundations. For example, if Accounting is 100% completed, this could mean two out of two enrolled accounting personnel completed the course.

    Graph Tooltip Example.png
  • Saved Reports: This widget contains pre-configured reports so you can quickly access the most relevant data points. Click a report to open. You can then apply filters, customize columns, and export. If you end up saving additional report layouts, then they will also appear on the Saved Reports widget. The types of reports included on your dashboard are Users, Learner Progress, & Learner Activity.

    Saved Reports_Updated.png 
    • Users report: The Active & Inactive Users report shows all Turvo Academy users associated with your company, including inactive users. Users are deactivated after 90 days of your go-live date if you just onboarded, or 90 days after user creation. This report allows you to see those that have been deactivated in case you have a need to make them active again. Learn more about how to edit users in the Turvo Academy: How to manage users article.
    • Learner Progress report: This report represents the learner progress for the recommended requirements before going live, or while onboarding a new employee. The report only includes the users enrolled in the curricula and courses included in the report. The report shows the progress percentage of each of the following curricula/courses: Foundations (curriculum), Customize Your Tenant With Admin Console, Manage Your Users & Groups, Set Up Rates & Routing Guides, and Accounting. Note: Scroll horizontally to see all of the headers.
    • Learner Activity report: This report includes all active Turvo Academy users associated with your company. By default the report displays how many courses each user has started, completed, and the date and time of last login. The ability to view an individual user’s transcript is available from this report.
  • My Generated Reports: Once you’ve generated a report, it will display on the My Generated Reports dashboard widget. Previously generated reports can be easily downloaded by clicking the download icon next to the report’s name.

Step 3: View reports

Use the Admin Dashboard as jumping off point and open reports from the dashboard for more information. There’s a lot to do with reports! See the View a users’ transcript, Customize a report, and Generate and download a report sections below for more information.

View a User’s Transcript

If you need to reference an individual’s progress, you can open a user’s transcript from the Learner Activity report.

Step 1: Open the Learner Activity report

Navigate to the Learner Activity report. If you’re not already in the admin portal, click the hamburger icon in the top right, then select Admin. Once on the Admin Dashboard, open the Learner Activity report from the Saved Reports widget.

Step 2: Select the user

Select the user you want to view by clicking the checkbox next to the user’s name.

Step 3: Open user's transcript

Click User Transcript from the right sidebar.

Step 4: View user's transcript

The transcript shows the user’s profile information, certificates, badges, enrollments, and course and curriculum status (Not Started, In Progress, Complete). The report also shows the score earned by the user in the course. This score is calculated by taking the average score of all quizzes within the course. Clicking a course or curriculum drills down into lesson and quiz data.

Customize a Report

There are several ways you can customize the format and organization of a report. Once you open a report, you can filter the report, add or remove columns, rearrange columns, or sort by a column. Once customized, you can save the new report layout to quickly apply the layout again and access the saved layout from the Saved Reports widget.


Click the Filter icon at the top left of a report. Select a criteria from the first dropdown menu, then select additional information as needed before clicking Add Filter to apply.

For example, this filtered report will only display users who have not attained a certificate.

You can also click the Filter icon next to a column header to quickly filter the report by criteria in that column.
In this example, clicking the filter icon in the Status column opens the filter options with Status already selected.


Add, remove, and rearrange columns

The columns icon in the left top corner opens available column options. Click the checkboxes to add or remove columns from the report. Once a column is added, you can click and drag columns in any arrangement you’d like.


Click a column name to sort by the content in that column. Click again to change the sort order. In this example, the report is being sorted by ascending Last Name.

View the entire report

Can't find what you're looking for? If there are more than 20 items in a report, then the report will have multiple pages. At the bottom of the report you can click the Items Per Page dropdown to choose to display more items on a page, or click the arrow on the bottom right to move through the pages of the report.

View or save a report layout

Click the Report Layout icon to choose a different existing layout, or click the plus sign button to create a new report layout. This saves your current applied filters and table column settings. Your saved layouts will also show up on your admin dashboard under Saved Reports. If there are filters and additional columns you apply often, then you should save a layout to expedite report viewing.

Save a layout.png

Generate and Download a Report

You can download a report as an Excel or CSV file. In order to download, you must first generate the report.

Step 1: Generate the report file

Once a report includes the data you need, click the Generate Report File button, then select from Excel or CSV format. After you’ve selected a format, click Generate.

Step 2: Download or send the report file

In the Generate Report popup, choose to: Download Report, Email Upon Completion, or Close.

  • Download Report: The report has to finish generating before the Download Report option is available. Wait for the file to generate, then click Download Report to download the file right away.
  • Email Upon Completion: The report will be emailed to you once it’s ready.
  • Close: Close the window and continue working. You can download the file from the My Generated Reports widget on the Admin Dashboard later.


Step 3: View in My Generated Reports

Once you’ve generated a report, it will display on the My Generated Reports dashboard widget. To quickly download a generated report, click the download icon on the right side of the report.

My Generated Reports.png


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