Turvo's LocusTraxx integration

Turvo’s LocusTraxx integration offers real-time temperature logging, which can be monitored anytime, anywhere, using cloud-based analytics. This allows monitoring of food and high-value shipments throughout the entire supply chain to promote quality.

Turvo users with Admin level permissions and above can enable the integration for your tenant via Integration hub.

This article covers:

Enablement prerequisites

Before enabling the LocusTraxx integration for your tenant, you must reach out to LocusTraxx via email at cargosupport@emerson.com to secure a LocusTraxx subscription. When creating your LocusTraxx account, be sure to obtain the following credentials:

  • X-LT APIKey
  • Username
  • Password
  • Auth URL

Store these credentials in a safe place - you’ll need to enter those into Turvo to enable the integration!

Enabling LocusTraxx for your tenant

Once your LocusTraxx account is created and the credentials obtained, follow the steps below to enable LocusTraxx for your tenant.

Step 1:

Log in to your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen and selecting Admin console from the drop-down menu.

Step 2:

Click the Integration hub tile.

Step 3:

Scroll down to the Telematics integrations section of the Admin console and select the LocusTraxx tile.

Step 4:

In the Integrate tab, enter the following credentials obtained from LocusTraxx as described in the Enablement prerequisites section of this article:

  • X-LT APIKey
  • Username
  • Password
  • Auth URL

To enable the temperature breach alert/exception flow for your tenant, select the Turn on alert/exception flow checkbox. If selected, Turvo ingests temperature breach alerts from LocusTraxx as a Product issue > Temperature violation shipment exception, which is logged against the shipment.

Protip: For more information on shipment exceptions, see our Adding and updating exceptions in Turvo article.

Final Step:

Once the credentials are entered, the CONNECT button at the bottom corner of the screen will change from blue to grey. Click CONNECT to establish the connection.

Protip: Need to set up other integrations for your tenant? See our Integrations Hub Overview article for additional information on Integration hub and the other integrations available for self-service.

Connecting a shipment to LocusTraxx

Once LocusTraxx is enabled for your tenant, you need to assign LocusTraxx as the tracking provider for the shipment to receive location and temperature updates (if the temperature flow has been enabled).

To connect shipments to LocusTraxx, create a new shipment or navigate to the Carrier ID section of an existing shipment. Click the IDs section to expand.


Click +Add ID and select LocusTraxx Tracking Number from the Type drop-down menu. Then, enter the LocusTraxx tracking ID in the Value field.


If your tenant has the temperature breach alert/exception flow enabled, you also need to enter the temperature range in the Equipment needed section of the Shipment block of the shipment.


Be sure to click SAVE to save your changes!

How it works

Tracking and temperature updates begin when a shipment with LocusTraxx IDs assigned is moved to a Dispatched status. Once tracking and temperature updates have begun, users can navigate to the Timeline tab and select See all location updates to view all updates.

If you have the temperature breach alert/exception flow enabled, a Product issue exception is logged against the shipment when there is a breach in the temperature range established for the shipment.

An alert is generated in LocusTraxx, which is sent to Turvo via API. The alert is then ingested into Turvo as a Product issue > Temperature violation exception, which is logged against the shipment. You can find a shipment’s exceptions by clicking on the triangle exception icon available in the card view, or the detailed view of the shipment.

Card view

Shipment detail view

To learn more about exceptions in Turvo and how to update and resolve them, see our Managing exceptions in Workbench and Adding and updating exceptions in Turvo articles.

Protip: You can also establish notification rules for exceptions within your Profile to receive notifications about temperature breaches. For more information, see our Setting up notification rules video or How to manage and configure notification rules article.

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