Mark pickup and delivery appointments as confirmed

To remove the guesswork out of which shipment appointments have and have not been confirmed with the stop location, Turvo provides the ability to add a confirmation toggle to the stops on your shipments. This way, a user can mark confirmed appointments and quickly find appointments in need of confirmation.

Note: The confirmation features will only be visible to users on the tenant where the shipment was created, and only on shipment stops with a Scheduling type of By appointment or Turvo Appointment Scheduling. Shipment stops with a Scheduling type of First come, first served (FCFS) will not feature the appointment confirmation features described in this article.

This article provides information on:

How to enable manual appointment confirmation on your tenant

To utilize the appointment confirmation toggle on your tenant, a user with Admin level permissions and above will need to update your tenant settings.

First, login to your Turvo tenant, navigate to the Profile icon and select Admin console from the drop-down menu.


Click the Settings card.


In Admin console > Settings, click the Shipments section to expand, and then click the Appointment confirmation segment.


Click the Take confirmation from user for pickup and delivery appointment toggle to switch on the setting. If the toggle is blue, it is in the On position. If it is grey, it is in the Off position.

Then, select whether the default status of the appointment confirmation should be Not confirmed or Confirmed. Click SAVE to apply the changes to your tenant settings.

Note: After any changes are made in Settings, a Confirmation required pop-up will appear. Since changing admin settings will affect several different users throughout your tenant, you’ll need to confirm you’d like to make the changes.

You can also force all users to refresh their tenant, in order for the changes to apply. We recommend that you refresh your browser or log out and log back in to your tenant once your changes are complete for them to take effect for you as well.

How to update an appointment confirmation

To mark an appointment as confirmed, navigate to the shipment in need of appointment confirmation. Open the Details tab of the shipment, and click the Route section of the Shipment block to view the route details.

In the details for each stop in a route segment, one of two symbols will appear to the right of an appointment date, indicating its confirmation status:

  • A checkmark in a green circle means the appointment is Confirmed.
  • An X in a red circle means the appointment is Not confirmed.

To confirm the appointment, click the Confirm appointment checkbox to the right of the red Not confirmed icon. The Not confirmed symbol will be replaced with the green Confirmed icon, and the checkbox will change to Unconfirm appointment.

To remove the confirmation from a previously confirmed appointment, click the Unconfirm appointment checkbox. The Confirmed icon will be replaced with the red Not confirmed icon, and the checkbox will change to Unconfirm appointment.

Once you’ve selected or unselected the appropriate checkboxes, click SAVE at the bottom of the Route section to save your changes to the shipment.

How to check a shipment for appointment confirmation

Once the confirmation toggle feature has been enabled for your tenant, users on your tenant will see the confirmation status icons displayed next to the appointment dates on your shipments throughout Turvo. If a shipment is shared to a tenant in your Turvo network that has the appointment confirmation feature toggled on, users in that tenant will also see the confirmation icons.

Shipment Overview card

On the shipment’s Overview card, users will see the confirmation status icons displayed to the left of the appointment dates, as shown below.


Note: If your tenant is using the Hide appointment date if FCFS​​ configuration, the Pickup appointment (origin) and Delivery appointment (destination) fields for the shipment will be blank for stops with a Scheduling type of FCFS. See Hiding first come first served appointment dates in your tenant to learn more about this tenant configuration.

List view

In the Shipments page list view, the appointment confirmation status icons will be displayed to the left of the dates in the Pickup appointment date and Delivery appointment date columns.


Protip: If these columns are not visible, click the three dots at the top-right of the list view to select the columns. There are many available columns in the Shipments page list view; try typing “appointment” into the Search field to find them quickly. Click each column name to add them to the list view.


Shipment Timeline updates

All changes to the status of an appointment confirmation will appear as a shipment route update in the shipment’s Timeline tab. The update will appear as a snapshot of the shipment’s Details tab > Shipment block > Route segment as it appeared after the shipment was updated. Click More on the right side of the timeline entry to view the update.

How to filter by appointment confirmation

Use the filter options in the Shipments page to quickly find the appointment confirmation status for a specific shipment or multiple shipments.

On the Shipments page, click the Filters icon in the upper right corner to expand the filter modal.

Click More filters and select the Pickup appointment confirmation and/or Delivery appointment confirmation options to filter shipments by appointment confirmation statuses.

Toggle Yes to filter for shipments that have confirmed appointments or No to filter for appointments that are not confirmed.

Click APPLY to apply the filter and view the results.

Copying shipments with confirmed appointments

Copying a shipment with a confirmed appointment will not copy the appointment’s confirmation status. The new shipment will need to be confirmed independently. See our Copying shipments article to learn more about copying an existing shipment.

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