Turvo's Sensitech integration

Turvo’s Sensitech integration enables users to track, monitor, and protect products with origin-to-destination, real-time transparency. Users with Admin level permissions and above can self-service integrate with Sensitech via Turvo’s Integration hub, and assign the appropriate Sensitech device to shipments in Turvo.

Protip: Need to connect a different telematics provider? See our Connecting telematics providers article for more information.

This article covers:

Enablement prerequisites

Before initiating a connection between your Turvo tenant and Sensitech, you must first create an account with Sensitech.

Note: If you’d like to enable temperature tracking, where temperatures are ingested into Turvo from Sensitech, be sure to mention that in your request. Temperature ingestion is enabled by the Sensitech team.

Then, reach out to Sensitech to obtain the following credentials that will need to be entered into Turvo to establish the connection:

  • ProgramID
  • Program
  • Username
  • Password

Be sure to store these credentials in a safe place, as you will need them to establish your connection in the following steps.

Enabling Sensitech in Integration hub

Once your Sensitech account is created and the above credentials obtained, follow the steps below to enable Sensitech for your Turvo tenant:

Step 1:

Login to your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2:

Click the Integration hub tile.

Step 3:

Scroll down to the Telematics integrations section of the Available Integrations tab and click the Sensitech tile.

Step 4:

In the Integrate tab, enter the following credentials obtained from Sensitech, as described in the Prerequisites section of the article:

  • ProgramID
  • Program
  • Username
  • Password

Final Step:

Once the credentials are entered, the CONNECT button at the bottom corner of the screen will change from blue to grey. Click CONNECT to establish the connection.

Auto-Location sync

Once Sensitech is enabled for location and temperature tracking, auto-location syncing can also be enabled for your Sensitech integration. Without auto-location sync, users would need to manually create Sensitech locations in Turvo. With auto-location sync, locations are automatically synched from Sensitech into Turvo.

To enable this feature, reach out to your Turvo representative with the request and the list of the locations you’d like to sync. 

As a usual process these locations have to be created in Turo but with auto sync customers can raise a request to Turvo customer representative where they can make sure these locations are created in Turvo automatically. 

Note: Auto-location syncing is not yet available for self-service via Integration hub.

Assigning Sensitech to a shipment

To track shipments in Turvo with a Sensitech device, the device must be assigned to the specific shipment in Turvo. A shipment is created in Sensitech when the Sensitech device ID and Ideal Temp information is added to a shipment within Turvo. See the steps below to add the Sensitech device ID and Ideal Temp information to a Turvo shipment.

Note: These steps can only be completed after enabling the connection via Integration hub.

Step 1:

Locate the appropriate shipment by clicking Shipment in the left navigation bar or searching via the Global search bar.

Step 2:

Click the shipment’s Details tab, scroll down to the Carriers block, and click to expand the IDs section.

Step 3:

Select Sensitech Tracking Number from the Type drop-down menu, then enter the Sensitech device ID in the Value field.

Be sure to click SAVE to save your changes!

Note: If more than one ID is present, you may need to click +Add ID to enter the ID.

Final Step:

Enter the temperature range in the Additional attributes section of the Shipment block of the shipment by selecting Ideal Temp in the Name drop-down field and selecting the appropriate range in the Value field.

Protip: The Ideal Temp value in Turvo maps to the Product ID in the Sensitech shipment. If the temperature is detected outside that range, it automatically creates a shipment exception in Turvo.

Be sure to click SAVE to save your changes!

Note: Additional attributes must be enabled by Turvo. To enable Additional attributes for your tenant, reach out to your Turvo representative. For more information on Additional attributes, see our Understanding additional attributes article.

Tracking a shipment with Sensitech

Once the device is assigned to the shipment, tracking starts when the shipment exits the Origin location’s geofence.

Shipments with tracking information are easily identified by the blue tracking symbol on the shipment card or summary page. Click this symbol to quickly view all location update details received from the telematics device.


The Location updates window contains all location updates received outside the location geofence and can be filtered by moving or stopped updates.

Note: Sensitech devices leverage 3G cell service triangulation to pinpoint the pallet’s location, which is not as accurate as GPS. As a result, the driver’s route on the map may appear slightly off the road.

Location updates that are posted within the geofence are considered major events in the shipment lifecycle, such as a pickup or delivery, and are recorded on the shipment Timeline tab.

Protip: To learn more about geofences and editing other location details, see our Managing advanced location details article.

Once the shipment arrives at the Destination location, or is moved to a Canceled status, the tracking ends.

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