Sharing your customer's external IDs to the carrier order

Depending on your organization’s needs, your carriers may need the ability to see your customers’ external IDs on the carrier orders that they receive from you. This can be useful for the carrier to facilitate communication between their delivery teams and your customers’ pickup and delivery locations.

This article provides the process for requesting the sharing configuration for your external ID types and how to manually toggle sharing on a shipment.

Important Note: Turvo distinguishes between the secondary ID and external IDs. All order/shipment reference IDs used by the carrier or customer that are not generated by Turvo are considered to be external IDs. The secondary ID is the default external ID, configured at the tenant-level or the customer-level as described in the article below, that will be given increased visibility within orders, shipments, and documentation for your customers.

Protip: To learn more about configuring the secondary ID for your tenant or for specific customers, see our article, Secondary IDs for Shipments and Orders.

Request the external ID types to be shared by default

Submit a request to Turvo Support to configure the customer external ID types in your tenant for sharing.

Protip: See our article, How to submit a request to support, to learn more about submitting Support requests.

There are three sharing categories that the ID types can fall under:

  • Shared by default: Customer external ID types that will automatically be shared to the carrier order.
    Note: A external ID that is shared by default can still be toggled off within a specific shipment using the Share toggle.
  • Shareable: Customer external ID types that can be manually shared to the carrier order for a specific shipment, using the Share toggle.
  • Unshareable: Customer external ID types that cannot be shared to the carrier order and will not feature a Share toggle in the shipment.

In the Support request form, set the Request Type to Configuration Request and, using the categories listed above, list the sharing preferences for each customer external ID type in your tenant in the Description field.

All available customer external ID types are listed below:

  • Purchase order #
  • Reference #
  • BOL #
  • SCAC
  • Route #
  • PRO #
  • Tracking #
  • Container #
  • Order #
  • Batch invoice ID
  • Other #
  • Sales order #
  • Warehouse order #
  • Service order #

Manually update the sharing of a external ID in a shipment

Once the shareable customer external ID types are configured for your tenant, you can select whether a shareable customer external ID is shared to the carrier on a shipment-by-shipment basis.

To make these selections, navigate to the shipment, and navigate to the Details tab > Customers block > IDs section. Users whose tenants have been configured will see a Share toggle next to each external ID that falls under the shareable types listed above.

If the ID’s type is shared by default in your tenant, this toggle will be in the ON position. Turning the toggle to the OFF position will prevent the ID from sharing to the carrier order for the selected shipment only.

If the ID’s type is shareable, but not by default, this toggle will be in the OFF position. Turning the toggle to the ON position will share the ID to the carrier order for the selected shipment only.

Whether adding a new ID, or toggling Share for an existing one, always click SAVE to save your changes to the shipment.

Note: Any external IDs that fall under the list of unshareable external ID types will not have a Share toggle.

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