2022-R1 Patch Release Notes

Below is a comprehensive list of the new features and bug fixes released to Turvo tenants in the 2022-R1 patch release on April 14th, 2022.

The lists are divided into the following categories:

2022-R1 Patch release - New features


View User roles and their permission levels in the Turvo UI [BETA]: User roles and their permission levels are now available to view in the Admin console! For better insight into what each user role can and cannot view, edit, and/or delete throughout Turvo, users can navigate to the Roles & permissions card in the Admin console and view permission levels by Role (Viewer, Contributor, Editor, Operator, Owner, Admin, Financial Admin, and Super Admin) or Entity (Shipments, Customers, Carriers, etc). For more information on viewing and understanding the Roles & permissions card, see our How to create and manage users article in the Help Center.

Note: This feature is being released in phases to all tenants as a BETA release over the next few weeks and aspects of the features are still a work in progress. If you do not see the tile available in your tenant today, it may be enabled for your tenant at a later date. Additionally, if you have any custom roles built for your tenant, they will be available in the Role view along with the standard Turvo roles.


CR-11298 - Item Detail report update: To correct an issue that caused missing shipments in Reports > Shipments > Item detail report, the Mode filter has been removed from the report’s filter options.


CR-10998 and CR-10501 - Customer & Carrier Rate Confirmation updates: We’ve added new toggles to the Customer & Carrier Rate Confirmation templates to provide additional customer and item information that your customers and carriers may find useful.


CR-10008 - Share customer external IDs to carrier orders: Your Turvo tenant can now be configured to share specified customer external ID types from your shipments to carrier orders, either manually or by default. Once configured, a Share toggle will be available for those specified ID types, allowing your carrier to see the shared customer IDs associated with each stop. See our article, Sharing your customer’s external IDs to the carrier order, to learn more.

Note: This feature is available to all tenants, but requires a configuration request to Turvo Support listing the customer external ID types that you would like to be shared by default, shareable, or unshareable.


CR-7927 - MyCarrier Packets Integration: Turvo can now integrate with MyCarrier Packets! MyCarrier Packets is an online platform that gives your carriers the opportunity to complete carrier packets electronically. By integrating with Turvo, the carrier’s information will automatically create new Carrier accounts or update existing Carriers in your Turvo tenant with the information provided in the packets.

To integrate your tenant with MyCarrier Packets, reach out to your Turvo representative with your credentials. You can also view more information about the integration in our Help Center in the Turvo’s MyCarrier Packets integration article.

CR-7155 - Sync Factoring company data from Turvo to QBO: Factoring company information entered into the Pay to fields within the Payments section of a Carrier’s profile will now sync to Quickbooks Online for those tenants with QBO integrations. To have sync factoring company data enabled for your existing QBO integration, reach out to your Turvo representative.

For more information on the Pay to field and the information shared between Turvo and QBO integrations, see the following Help Center articles:

2022-R1 Patch release - Fixed issues

Below is the list of issues and bugs resolved in the 2022-R1 patch release. Each issue has a description and their corresponding Zendesk ticket number.

Issue description

Zendesk ticket number

Shipment details not available in Shipment Summary Report


Marketplace “Reported by” discrepancy 


Loads not populating on the main board


Quotes not showing in list


Shipment details showing blank on Shipment list


Shipment not showing in Shipment list view


Shipment list view data extract is incorrect


Update appointment schedule to manage 24 slots


Location not showing correctly on map

16710 and 16768

BOL does not populate with Carrier name


Driver App not working on a particular shipment


Error while posting DAT

16017 and 16042

No appointment matching entered details


Email link unable to locate shipment in Tenant


AR Report downloading with invalid invoice report


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