Turvo Analytics: Frequently asked questions

This article provides answers to questions frequently asked by Turvo Analytics users.

How do I enable Turvo Analytics for my tenant?

See our article, Enabling Turvo Analytics for your tenant, to learn more about requesting Turvo Analytics to you tenant, requesting new users, and user roles within Analytics.

Where can I learn more about using the Tableau interface?

Turvo Analytics utilizes the Tableau visual analytics platform for its user interface. For in-depth user guides for the Tableau tool, we recommend exploring Tableau’s Resources web page.

Can I download reports to Excel?

Yes, a breakdown of any report can be downloaded as a .CSV spreadsheet file that is universally compatible with spreadsheet editor programs, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

While viewing the report:

  1. Click Download in the top-right menu.
  2. Select Crosstab in the Download pop-up menu.
  3. Use the Download Crosstab menu to select a type of spreadsheet. These options will vary based on the data included in the report you are viewing. The Breakdown option provides a spreadsheet with all of the data in the report. The other options will create spreadsheets that are focused on a particular set of data in the report.
  4. Click Download to start the download of a .CSV spreadsheet file. Your operating system may prompt you to choose a file location and file name.

How do I set up recurring report emails?

If you have a report within Turvo Analytics that you need to see regular updates for, you can utilize the +Subscribe button in the top menu bar to receive recurring emails containing the latest data in the report.

Use the following fields in the Subscribe pop-up menu to configure your subscription to the report:

  • Use the Include field to select the data included in the subscription.
    • This View: Only data shown in the currently selected view of the report will be included.
      • Click the Don’t send if view is empty checkbox if you would like to skip the subscription email whenever the data in the view is empty at the time indicated in the subscription.
    • Entire Workbook: All views in the report will be included.
  • Use the Format field to choose the file format you wish to receive in the subscription email. Choose from Image, PDF, or Image and PDF.
  • Enter your desired subject line for the subscription email in the Subject field.
  • Add an optional custom message to the subscription email in the Message (optional) text box.
  • Use the Schedule drop-down menu to select the frequency of the subscription emails.
  • The Manage subscriptions button will allow you to manage all subscriptions for the report/view indicated in the Include field.

Can I see the number of shipments and net revenue per account owner, along with the company summary?

To access this commonly requested set of data, you will need to access the Financial Metrics Summary in Shipment 360. From the Turvo Analytics dashboard, navigate to Explore > Shipment 360 > Financial Metrics Summary. In the drop-down fields across the top of the report, make the following selections:

  1. Set Dimension to Customer account owner or Carrier account owner, whichever is appropriate.
  2. Use the Selected date fields to set a date range for the report.
    1. The report is now shown.
  3. To download the Breakdown of the report, click Download in the top-right menu.
    1. Select Crosstab in the Download pop-up menu, then select Breakdown.
    2. Click Download to start the download of a .CSV spreadsheet file. Your operating system may prompt you to choose a file location and file name. The default name of the file is “Breakdown_crosstab.csv.”
  4. Open the .CSV spreadsheet file in the spreadsheet editing program of your choice. Find the carrier/customer account owner that you want to see the data for. In the same row, find the Carrier total cost or Customer total cost column and the Shipment Volume column to see that account owner’s total shipments and net revenue.
  5. The totals for your company will be in the first row, which will not include an account owner’s name.

Click Subscribe once you have made your selections. You will now receive emails with updated data for the report/view indicated in the subscription at the times you have indicated.

I just updated data in my tenant. Why can’t I find it in Analytics?

Most likely, your instance of Turvo Analytics has not synced with your Turvo tenant yet. Each data source in Turvo Analytics refreshes separately and approximately every four hours. The frequency and time of day that each data source refreshes varies from tenant to tenant.

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