Enable Turvo Analytics for your tenant

Turvo Analytics provides curated and customizable reports to give you a 360° view of your business with data-driven performance measurement, guided improvements, and corrective actions where necessary.

While not enabled by default, Turvo customers with Analytics included in their contract can request the addition of this advanced data reporting tool to their tenant and add new users by following the self-service steps in this article.

Note: Turvo Analytics is a separate feature from the Reports page, which is a standard feature for all Turvo tenants. Check out our article, Turvo Reports at a glance, to learn more about the reporting features available in Reports.

How to request Turvo Analytics for your tenant

Step 1:

To enable Analytics for your tenant, submit a Support request from the Turvo Help Center by clicking the Submit a request button in the top-right corner.

Protip: See our How to submit a request to support article to learn more about support requests.

Information to include in your Support request

To ensure that your request for Turvo Analytics provides the information that Turvo needs, use the outline below as a template for creating your Analytics enablement request in the Submit a request page.

  • CC: Add email addresses for team members that should receive notification of the request.
  • Request Type: Use the drop-down menu to select Configuration/Task Request.
  • Priority: We recommend setting this to Normal.
  • Subject: “Enable Analytics for [your organization’s name]”
  • Description: Include the name, email address, and desired role for all users on your Turvo tenant who will need access to Turvo Analytics. Turvo Analytics users on your tenant will be split into Admin and Analyst roles.
    • Important note: Turvo Analytics allows up to two (2) users with the Admin role and up to eight (8) users with the Analyst role. Do not list more than the maximum number of users for each role.
    • Note: The features available to each role are outlined in the Understanding roles within Turvo Analytics section below.
  • Attachments: No attachments are necessary.

Click Submit on the request form to submit the request to the Turvo Support team.

Step 2:

Upon submitting your request, your submission is translated into a Turvo Support ticket. The Turvo Support team will acknowledge your request and send further communication via this ticket.  Once the Analytics configuration is complete, the Support team will notify you and will then close the ticket.

Final Step:

All of the users included in your Analytics enablement request should now have access to Turvo Analytics. To verify all users have the requested access, each of them should open the Turvo Dashboard and click the Turvo Analytics icon, which will now be visible to the left of the Profile icon. The Analytics dashboard will open in a new tab.

Your organization is now ready to use Turvo Analytics! Check out our Turvo Analytics at a glance article for an overview of the capabilities of Turvo Analytics.

Understanding roles within Turvo Analytics

You may have up to ten (10) users in your tenant enabled for Turvo Analytics access, split across two roles. No more than two (2) of these users can have the Admin role, which allows them to build custom reports and re-use and edit the pre-built reports that are included in Turvo Analytics. The other eight (8) users can have the Analyst role, which allows them access to the pre-built reports that are included in Turvo Analytics, as well as reports built by Admin users, but they cannot create new or edit existing reports.

Note: Within the Tableau UI, the Admin role is called “Explorer,” and the Analyst role is called “Viewer.”

Users with either role can also:

  • Download reports in the following formats:
    • .PNG image file.
    • .PDF document file with an image snapshot.
    • .CSV spreadsheet file.
    • PowerPoint presentation file.
  • Subscribe to reports. The user can have the report sent to their email on a regular schedule of their choosing, delivered as:
    • .PNG image file.
    • .PDF document file.
    • .PDF file with an image snapshot.
  • Share reports via email with users who have access.
  • Set notification alerts for changes to a selected data point in a report that is above or below a set threshold.

How to request Turvo Analytics access for new users

If you already have Turvo Analytics enabled for your tenant and need to add additional users, follow the same request process outlined above.

However, for your Support request, indicate in the Subject field that you are adding users to Analytics and provide the name of your organization (For example, “John’s Trucking Analytics User Access”). In the Description field be sure to include the name, email address, and desired role for the users on your tenant who need access to Turvo Analytics.

Important note: If you have already reached the maximum number of users for each role in Turvo Analytics, you will need to indicate users to be removed to make room for new users.

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