Update costs on an unpaid carrier invoice

Note: This article addresses how to update costs on unpaid carrier invoices or carrier invoices that are not in Approved status. If you need to update a paid or approved invoice, see our article on Updating costs after a carrier invoice is paid.

If a carrier sends a corrected invoice and the existing invoice is still in Draft or Received status, or the invoice is unpaid, you can archive this invoice and create a new one. Follow the steps below to archive and update the shipment with the new invoice:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab of the shipment and hover your mouse over the existing carrier invoice.
  2. Click the More actions menu (three vertical dots) on the top right of the document line and select Archive.
  3. A prompt appears to confirm that you want to archive the document; select YES to remove the existing carrier invoice.

  1. If the corrected invoice includes adjusted costs, return to the Details tab, scroll down to the Carriers block and click to expand the Costs segment.
  2. Adjust the costs as needed to match the updated costs on the new invoice.
    1. To adjust the price of an existing cost item, click the Price field and change the amount.
    2. If you need to add a cost, click + Add item to create a new cost item.
    3. If you need to remove a cost, hover your mouse over the cost item and click the small x on the top right.  

  1. Click SAVE after costs are adjusted or added.
  2. Once costs are adjusted, return to the Documents tab.
  3. Click + Add document and add the updated carrier invoice to the shipment.  

Note: Once in Approved status, the updated invoice will sync with your integrated FMS. To learn more about how Turvo syncs with different Financial Management Systems, see our article on Turvo’s FMS integrations.

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