Update costs after a carrier invoice is paid

Note: This article addresses how to manage a carrier invoice if the carrier sends an updated invoice with an additional charge after the original invoice is approved and/or paid. If you need to change a carrier invoice that has not been approved and/or paid, see our article on Updating costs on an unpaid carrier invoice.

Once an invoice is marked as paid in Turvo, it will not accept new costs. If you receive a new invoice with additional costs or accessorials, you must first add the carrier to the shipment again in a separate carrier block. Follow the steps below to correctly update a new invoice once the existing invoice is marked as paid.

Important note: Attempting to update the Costs segment of the shipment’s Carriers block will not update the carrier invoice once it is created, whether it is paid or unpaid.

  1. Navigate to the Details tab and scroll down to the Carriers block.
    1. Do not remove the existing carrier block that contains the original cost and payment information.
  2. Click the plus icon on the top right to add a new carrier.
  3. Enter the name of the existing carrier and click the green checkmark to add the carrier in a new carrier block.
  4. You should now see the same carrier listed twice for the shipment in two separate blocks.

  1. In the newly-created carrier block, click to expand the Costs segment. In this segment, add the accessorial costs (or whatever new costs must be added to the shipment and invoiced) and click SAVE.

  1. Once the additional charges are added to the Costs segment, navigate to the Documents tab and click + Add document to add the updated carrier invoice to the shipment.
    1. Note: This will be the second invoice for the carrier on the shipment.

  1. In the Add document modal, select Carrier invoice as the Document type.
  2. The Carrier drop-down will show the same carrier twice, as the carrier is listed twice on the shipment.
    1. To ensure that you select the “correct” carrier, examine the Invoice amount in the modal when a carrier is selected and confirm that the selected carrier shows the correct amount for the accessorial charges.

  1. In the Invoice number field, enter the invoice number for the updated invoice.
    1. If the invoice document lists the same number as the original invoice, add a "-2" to the end of the number to differentiate the updated invoice from the paid invoice.
  2. Click to browse or drag and drop the new invoice document to the modal, and click UPLOAD when finished.

Note: It’s recommended that an invoice is kept in Received status until all costs are confirmed. Once an invoice’s status is changed to Approved, it will automatically sync with your integrated FMS. To learn more about how Turvo syncs with different Financial Management Systems, see our article on Turvo’s FMS integrations.

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