Turvo’s FleetOps integration

FleetOps is an aggregation and digital freight matching platform built specifically for freight brokerages and 3PLs. With a FleetOps integration into the Turvo platform, brokers can post shipments directly to the FleetOps platform (embedded as a white-labeled load board across multiple ELDs) for free.

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Enabling FleetOps for your tenant

Step 1: Prerequisites in FleetOps

Before enabling the FleetOps integration for your tenant, navigate to FleetOps to create your account and fill out this form to obtain your API key. FleetOps will email the key to you, so be sure to hang on to that email. The API key is needed to complete the integration connection in Integration hub.

Step 2: Enable in Integration hub

Once you’ve received your API key via email from FleetOps, navigate to Integration hub in your Turvo tenant to enable the connection with FleetOps. Log in to Turvo and click the profile icon in the top right corner of the page. Then, select Admin console from the drop-down menu. 


Click the Integration hub tile.


Then, scroll down to the Load boards/Tracking integrations section of the Available Integrations tab and select FleetOps.


Within the Enable integration section of the Integrate tab, click the ENABLE INTEGRATION button at the bottom right corner of the page to establish the connection with FleetOps.


Note: Establishing the connection may take a few minutes. 

Step 3: Set up Loadboard credentials within Settings

Once the connection with FleetOps has been successfully established, you then need to set up the FleetOps Loadboard credentials within the Settings tile of the Admin console. 

To do so, return to the Admin console and click the Settings tile.


Next, click the Shipments section to expand the shipments settings menu and click Loadboard.


Toggle the Post shipments to load board switch to the blue ON position. Then, enter the API key you received from FleetOps. Finally, be sure to click SAVE to save your changes and enable FleetOps posting. 


Post a shipment to Fleetops

Posting to a load board is done from an existing shipment. See the Learn how to create a shipment article in the Help Center for more information about creating shipments.  

Step 1:

Navigate to the shipment you want to post to FleetOps by using the global search bar, or Shipments in the left navigation bar.


Step 2:

Once in the shipment, click the Details tab and select Overview > Postings within the Shipment block.


The Postings section pre-populates information from the shipment. You can edit any of the pre-populated fields if needed. Fill in all of the applicable fields. 

Important notes:

  • If there are multiple stops on the shipment, then the first pickup populates the Pickup city, state and the last delivery populates the Delivery city, state.
  • FleetOps recommends that all loads be posted with a rate, as engagement on these loads is much higher.


Final Step:

If it is not already checked, select the FleetOps checkbox to post your shipment with FleetOps. When you’re done editing, click the POST button in the bottom right corner.


Once posted, the details of the post appear in the Postings section. From here you can Repost or Remove the posting.

Bulk shipment posting with FleetOps

You can also post multiple TL and/or LTL shipments to FleetOps at once via the shipment list view. To post multiple shipments to DAT and/or ITS at the same time, select ShipmentsPlan from the left navigation bar.


If the display is not already in list view, click the list icon at the top right corner of the page.


Next, hover over the left side of the shipment line to show a checkbox. Click the checkbox of the shipments you would like to create postings for and click the POST button in the blue bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.


Note: My network is selected by default. If you do not want to post the shipment to your network of carriers as well as FleetOps, click the My network checkbox to deselect the option.

Once you’ve completed the necessary fields, click POST. You can view created postings in the Postings segment of the Shipment block of the shipment’s Details tab.

Book Now feature

FleetOps also offers a Book Now option. If interested in enabling this feature, reach out to your FleetOps Account Manager or contact FleetOps using the information below:

  • Phone: 1-860-849-3509
  • Email: jim@fleetops.ai

FleetOps will provide you with pricing and instructions on how to update your Turvo tenant to include Book Now.

Once a shipment is posted, carriers marked as Active within your Turvo tenant can choose to book the shipment directly from the FleetOps loadboard.

Carrier books the posted shipment

If a carrier wishes to book your posted load, they simply have to click the Book button.


A new window opens on the right side of the screen asking the carrier to confirm they want to book this load. Once the carrier confirms by clicking the Book button, they have accepted the load at the posted rate and the shipment is theirs.


The carrier is shown a message confirming they have successfully booked the load.


Booking information posts from FleetOps into Turvo

The posting feeds back to your Turvo tenant. In the Postings section of the shipment, the status changes to Accepted


FleetOps loads the booking information to Turvo, and the shipment updates to Covered status. The carrier is automatically assigned, and the rate confirmation generates and is sent to the carriers automatically.

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