Turvo’s Greenscreens.ai integration

Greenscreens is a decision-making support tool that provides brokers with buy-and-sell-side price targets. Greenscreens uses machine learning to continually reassess pricing, driven by the broker’s historical data, aggregate market inputs, and custom pricing rules.

By integrating your Turvo tenant with Greenscreens, you can receive valuable data points directly into your shipment plans. 

This article covers the setup and key functions of Greenscreens integration.


You must have an active Greenscreens account to enable an integration with Turvo. Once you have an account, retrieve your Client ID and Client Secret from Greenscreens - you’ll need them to set up the connection.

Enabling Greenscreens on your tenant

Log into your Turvo tenant and scroll down to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.


In the Admin console, click the Integration hub tile.


Then, scroll down to the Load boards/Tracking integrations section and select the Greenscreens tile.

In the Credentials section, enter the Client ID and Client Secret. Click Save to enable the integration.


How the Greenscreens integration works

Greenscreens provides you with data points to help you make more informed decisions when planning shipments. These data points are located in a card in the planning section of a shipment.

Greenscreens data is available for Truckload (TL) shipments in Tendered status. For information to load, the following fields in the shipment must be completed:

  • Equipment type: Greenscreens supports vans, reefers, and flatbeds.
  • Origin and destination, including ZIP code.
  • Pickup date and time.
  • Delivery date and time.

Greenscreens data in shipment planning

To view Greenscreens data, locate the shipment you want data for by selecting Shipments > Plan from the left navigation or searching for it via the global search bar.


Select the shipment you want to plan, click Summary, and the Greenscreens rates card displays. The top of the card shows the origin (left) and destination (right). 


The FLAT rate pricing target is on the left side of the card, along with the starting price, fuel charge, and mileage of the shipment.


The target buyrate is calculated using machine learning, based on the following information:

  • One year’s worth of your historical data, continuously updated with ongoing transactions.
  • Aggregated and anonymized data of all Greenscreens customers.
  • A combination of external data sources.

The buyrate PER MILE breakdown is on the right side of the card.


Another pricing consideration is the flow of shipping vehicles in the origin and destination. This flow is presented as ILF (Inbound Load Flow) and OLF (Outbound Load Flow) near the top of the card.


An arrow trending upward indicates an increase in shipping vehicles, and an arrow trending down indicates a decrease. If the arrow points straight, traffic is steady. 

These arrows are color-coded to identify the effect on pricing. A red arrow means that the traffic flow negatively affects the buyrate. A green arrow indicates that the traffic positively affects the buyrate. If the arrow is grey, that means that the traffic does not affect the buyrate.

The Confidence level is displayed at the bottom of the card.


The confidence level is a number on a 100-point scale that identifies how sure Greenscreens is of the information displayed. Three factors go into the confidence level calculation:

  • The density of the data sample Greenscreens has for that particular lane.
  • How widespread the calculated range of outcomes is.
  • How much pricing volatility Greenscreens sees in that particular lane.

Greenscreens data in carrier offer

In addition to shipment planning, Greenscreens data is also embedded in applicable carrier offers for your convenience. 

From the Shipment screen. Select the Fast Action Button and then click Add offer.


When you scroll down, the Greenscreens data displays directly in the offer.


Load Network Prediction

The network lane rate prediction API provides the average rates based on the full network of load data available to Greenscreens. For example, if Greenscreens has 50 customers, it will look for the average of all the customers rates available and display that to you in Turvo. You can view this as Flat and Per mile by clicking the down arrow.


You can click Greenscreens.ai to open Greenscreens in another browser.

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