Copy routing guides

The copy feature available in the routing guide gives Admin level users the ability to quickly create new routing guides using the information available in existing routing guides. You can pick and choose which data points you’d like to copy to customize how the new routing guide functions.

To copy a routing guide, navigate to the Routing Guide list view by using the left navigation bar.

Hover over the routing guide and click the three dots that appear to the far right of the routing guide.

Then select Copy from the drop-down menu.

In the Copy routing guide modal, define which information you’d like to copy to the new routing guide.  

The Origin/Destination, Start/End date, Account and Equipment fields are pre-populated with the information from the original routing guide. You can remove the existing information in any of these fields and update with the new details.

To add the routing sequence from the original routing guide, make sure the Include routing sequence checkbox is selected. From there, you can choose which offer types will be copied over to the new routing guide by checking or unchecking the box to the left of the offer.

Once you’ve entered the new routing guide information, click CREATE to save your new routing guide.

Note: If the information provided matches an existing routing guide in your tenant, you’ll receive an error message and be redirected back to the modal to make changes.



Routing guides created via the copy feature are Inactive, meaning newly created shipments will not be automatically routed through the routing sequence until it’s activated. To activate the routing guide, navigate to the Details tab of the routing guide and scroll down to the Activate sequence block.

Click the available toggle to the blue ON position. Whenever the toggle is on, it will change from Not activated to Active. Be sure to click SAVE to save your changes.


Toggling on the feature will automatically route new shipments meeting all of the parameters decided at creation through your Routing sequence.

For more information on editing and activating a routing sequence, see our How to use Turvo’s routing guide article.

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