Sending a pickup or delivery location link manually

Turvo pickup and delivery location links enable you to share shipment information with a location assigned as a pickup or delivery stop on a scheduled shipment. Location links limit the shared shipment information to only what is relevant to that location.

Turvo provides two options for sending location links. You can manually send location links via the Sharing tab in a shipment or use location-level settings to automatically send location links based on different factors, such as the shipment status, whether the shipment is approaching/running late, or the shipment’s distance from the location.

In this article, you will learn more about manually sending location links.

Configuring tenant-level & location-level settings

Location links can include additional information for certain locations or limit the shipment information shared to information that’s relevant only to that location. These options must be configured for each location, but each setting must be enabled in the Admin console before it becomes available for selection in your location’s profile.

If this feature is not enabled for your tenant, please review our Enabling location link & Turvo link features for your tenant article. If you have not configured your tenant-level settings for location links, see our article on Configuring location-specific settings and automatic triggers for location links to learn more.

Manually sending location links

Follow the steps below to send a location link for a shipment’s pickup or delivery location contact:

  1. Locate the shipment in your tenant by clicking Shipments in the left navigation bar or by searching for the shipment using the global search bar.

  1. Once in the shipment, click the Sharing tab and scroll down to the Links block.

  1. Click + Add link.

  1. Complete the fields available in the Create link modal. In order to create and send a location link, select Pickup location or Delivery location from the Link type drop-down.
    1. Note: For information on creating and sending Turvo links, see our How to create and share Turvo links article.


  1. Then, complete the rest of the fields:
    1. Pickup/Delivery: Use the drop-down to select the location that the location link is for. The list only displays stops on the shipment matching the selected link type.
    2. Link name: You can give the link a name that displays in the Links block of the shipment’s Sharing tab. This is handy if you create multiple links and want to differentiate between them easily.
    3. Require email: If this box is selected, then anyone who clicks the link is required to enter their email address in order to view the shipment.
      1. Protip: Requiring an email allows you to see exactly who has viewed the link. The Sharing tab has a Visitors block that shows a list of all the times the link is accessed.
    4. Set expiration date: Check this box to choose a date and time for the link to expire.
    5. Notes: Use this text field to add any notes you wish to share on the location link. 
      1. Important Note: These notes are always shared no matter what your Share shipment status notes settings are for location links at the tenant-level and location-level. See our Enabling location link & Turvo link features for your tenant article to learn more. 
  2. Once all required fields are complete, the CREATE button changes from grey to blue. Click CREATE to create your location link.
  3. Once created, the link you have created appears in the Links block.

  1. Now you can send the link via email or text by clicking SEND, or copy the link to your computer’s clipboard by clicking COPY.

Protip: You can access a history of who the link has been sent to if you use SEND to send the Turvo link.

  1. In the Send Turvo link modal, click the To field and begin typing the name of a contact, then select the applicable contact’s email or phone number from the suggestions. You can select one or multiple contacts.

Note: Having the option to select a contact phone number is a tenant-level configuration. If you do not see this in your tenant, reach out to your Turvo representative.

  1. If you select a contact and their associated email, the modal updates so that you can update the email’s subject and body before sending.

  1. If you select a contact’s phone number, then the modal updates with a Text message field in order to write the text message that you want the user to receive.

Note: The Turvo link is automatically added after your custom message in the text that is sent.

  1. Once all required fields are completed in the modal, click SEND to send the link.

Protip: If you want to check whether recipients are engaging with the location links sent to them or quickly view what location link sharing settings are configured for each location, use our Sharing Link Activity and Location Setup reports in Reports > Shipments. See our Turvo Reports - Shipments article to learn more.

Configuring automatic location link triggers

Location links can be sent to a location automatically by configuring settings found in the location’s Details > General section. See our article on Configuring location-specific settings and automatic triggers for location links to learn more about utilizing this feature to automate the location link process.

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