QBO 1.0: Turvo's QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration: Overview

Important Note: This series of articles is for the QBO 1.0 integration. If you are using QBO 2.0, refer to QBO 2.0: Set Up QuickBooks Online (QBO) on the Intuit Developer Site to get started. 

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a cloud-based accounting application that allows you to manage and pay bills. By integrating your Turvo tenant with QBO, you can ensure any changes made to your system of record will automatically reflect in the other platform.

Important Notes:

  • Before integrating your Turvo tenant with QBO, your organization must have a subscription to either QuickBooks Plus or QuickBooks Advanced.
  • Currently, you cannot print and send checks to payees in Turvo using Quickbooks.

QuickBooks Online Integration Articles

There are several steps to integrating QuickBooks Online to your Turvo tenant. The following article links are listed in order to help you navigate through QBO integration process. You must complete the steps in these articles in the order they are listed.

  1. QuickBooks Online integration overview
  2. Create the App in your Intuit Developer Dashboard
  3. Complete the QBO App assessment questionnaire
  4. Complete the Production Settings in your Intuit Developer Dashboard
  5. Obtain your Credentials
  6. Connect your Turvo tenant to QuickBooks Online (QBO) via Integration hub
  7. Map Turvo to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) chart of accounts
  8. Test your QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration
  9. Turvo's QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration: Troubleshooting your integration

Next step to configure QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Continue to the next step in the QBO integration process by reviewing the Create the App in your Intuit Developer Dashboard article in the Turvo Help Center.

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