Invoice aging report

The Invoice aging report within Turvo Analytics gives you a summary of your incoming and outgoing cash flow for better insight to better plan for your expenses over the next 30, 60, 90, and 90+ days.

The Invoice aging report is made up of two different reports: The Invoice aging report summary and the Aging payment breakdown.

To the right of the page, you can filter the reports using different criteria such as Account type, Cost type, and Shipment status to further narrow your data results. Updating the filter requirements in this section will impact all reports on the page. You’ll also find the color key above the filter options, showing which colors represent which data in the reports:

To remove any applied filters and go back to the standard report view, click Revert at the top right corner of the page.

Invoice aging report summary

The Invoice aging report summary is a bar graph overview of your accounts receivable, by payment due date. The x-axis represents the number of days accounts are overdue or have upcoming payment due in x number of days. The y-axis represents the amount of money that is either overdue or due in the next x amount of days.

Protip: The data for past due payments and upcoming payments are represented by different colors. The key is available above the filter options to the right of the report.

Hovering over a bar in the graph shows the details of that entry, including the current balance and number of shipments with payment overdue by the date range or have payment due in the date range:

To sort the data in ascending or descending order, hover over the y-axis (or Accounts receivable) of the graph and click the icon that appears:

Aging payments breakdown

The Aging payments breakdown report gives you insight into the specific accounts with payments due within the next x amount of days and those with any payments that are overdue by x amount of days.

Like the Invoice aging report summary, you can choose to sort the report in ascending or descending order by clicking the icon at the top left corner of the report, next to Selected dimension:

Hovering over the ascending/descending icon will also display a triangle icon. Clicking this will present a pop-out menu with options to sort the data by Data source or Alphabetic, as well as sort the data by the current balance or shipment volume.

Each entry will display the past due and upcoming payment due current balances by day range of the account. The data for past due payments and upcoming payments are represented by different colors (the key for which is available above the filter options to the right of the reports).

Hovering over a balance will display a pop-out with the Account name, the amount of time the payment is overdue by or the amount of time until the next payment date, the current balance of that account, and the number of shipments that make up the balance.

Clicking on an individual account will apply a filter to Invoice aging report to show their individual performance.

It will also prompt a pop-out menu allowing you to choose to Keep only (view only that offer creator), Exclude (view all offer creators except the selected), Sort in descending order, sort in ascending order, and view the offer creator’s data in chart form. If you choose See Invoice aging details, you’ll be redirected to that tab. Here, you can see all of the invoicing details for the selected account in chart form.

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