Turvo's MacroPoint integration for Carriers

Turvo’s MacroPoint carrier integration pushes Turvo shipment and tracking information as a one-way integration from Turvo into MacroPoint that pushes data every 15 minutes and includes location updates and stop events.

Important Note: This is a carrier integration for MacroPoint that pushes Turvo shipment and tracking information to MacroPoint. If you require the MacroPoint broker integration for tracking shipments in the MacroPoint driver app and sharing that information back to Turvo, see Turvo's Descartes MacroPoint telematics integration for Brokers.

MacroPoint carrier integration

The MacroPoint carrier integration is self-service in your Turvo tenant via Integration hub.

Enablement prerequisites

Before initiating a connection between your Turvo tenant and MacroPoint, you must first create an account with MacroPoint. 

Next, reach out to MacroPoint to obtain the following credentials to enter into Turvo to establish the connection:

  • FTP username
  • FTP password
  • FTP server

Be sure to store these credentials in a safe place, as you will need to enter them into Turvo in the following steps. 

Enabling MacroPoint in Integration hub

Once your MacroPoint account is created and the above credentials are obtained, follow these steps to enable the MacroPoint integration:

  1. Log into your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.


  2. Click the Integration hub tile.


  3. Scroll down to the Load boards/Tracking integrations section of the Available Integrations tab and click the MacroPoint tile.

    Note: There are two MacroPoint tiles. Be sure to click the MacroPoint one in the Load boards/Tracking integrations section.


  4. In the Integrate tab, enter the following credentials obtained from MacroPoint as described in the Enablement prerequisites section of this article:

      • FTP username
      • FTP password
      • FTP server

  5. After the credentials are entered, the CONNECT button at the bottom corner of the screen changes from blue to grey. Click CONNECT to establish the connection. 


Set up MacroPoint in customer profiles

MacroPoint requires configuration within the customer profile in Turvo after you have enabled the integration in Integration hub. To set a customer up with MacroPoint: 

Navigate to Accounts > Customers in the left navigation menu and select the customer that you would like to associate with the provider or use the global search bar to search for a specific customer.


Under the customer Details tab, scroll down to Settings, and expand the Integrations segment.



Toggle the MacroPoint toggle to the blue ON position, enter the correct MacroPoint ID, and indicate which ID type should be used to match shipments in Turvo to shipments in MacroPoint. 

Be sure to click SAVE to save your changes.


The MacroPoint shipment ID that is generated at shipment creation within MacroPoint must be entered into a consistent ID field within the Turvo shipment Customer block. This is to ensure the correct Turvo shipment is matched with the correct MacroPoint shipment.


image (8).png


Once established, tracking information for the shipment is shared to the designated MacroPoint FTP site via CSV file transfer while the shipment is in the Ship phase. This allows customers to view tracking updates within the MacroPoint platform for shipments while they are being executed. The telematics breadcrumbs data is updated every 15 minutes and is pushed from Turvo to MacroPoint, including shipment creation, location updates, and stop events.

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