Offer metrics summary report

The Offer metrics summary report in Turvo Analytics allows you to see basic offer metrics for your tenant. It gives you insight into the overall offer volume, the acceptance/rejection rates by carriers and lanes, and which account owners are creating the most offers so you can leverage the data into your workflows.

The Offers metrics summary workbook is made up of four reports: Offer volume, Offer creator, Carriers, and Lanes. Each report gives different information and insight into the Offers metrics of your tenant.

To the right of the page, you can filter the reports using different criteria such as Date type, Offer creator, and Offer status to further narrow your data results. Updating the filter requirements in this section will impact all of the reports on the page.

To remove any applied filters and go back to the standard report view, click Revert at the top right corner of the page.

Offer volume

The Offer volume report gives you a bar graph representation of the overall volume of your company’s created offers, over a designated period of time. If you’re working on adopting the Offers functionality in Turvo, this is a great tool to see the amount of Offers being created in your tenant.

Hovering over a bar in the graph shows the details of that entry, including the date and number of offers created on that date:

To view your Offer volume data in a chart, click the Offer volume along the y axis of the bar graph and then click the pop-out chart icon that appears:

You can also do the same by clicking the dates along the x axis of the bar graph:

Clicking the (+) or (-) sign that appear in the pop-out icon or on the x axis of the graph will update the dates displayed. Clicking (+) will show more detailed date information, such as offer volume by day or week. Clicking (-) will show a more broad date view, such as offer volume by month or quarter.

Protip: You can also update the dates shown on the Offer volume report (along with all of the reports in the Offer metrics summary) via the Selected date filter available on the right of the page.

Offer creator

The Offer creator report gives you insight into who is creating offers and the percentage rate of offers that are accepted, countered, rejected, expired, pending, and withdrawn. If you’re encouraging your teams to use the Offers functionality in Turvo, this is a great way to track who’s adopting the feature well and who might need some additional help.

Clicking on an individual offer creator will apply a filter to the other reports in the Offer metrics summary to show their individual performance. When a field is selected, it will also show how many items have been selected by choosing that offer creator, as well as the sum of their measured values.

It will also prompt a pop-out menu allowing you to choose to Keep only (view only that offer creator), Exclude (view all offer creators except the selected), Sort in descending order, sort in ascending order, and view the offer creator’s data in chart form. If you choose Offer details, you’ll be redirected to the Offer details tab. Here, you can see all of the offers created by the offer creator and the specific offer details.

Protip: Want additional details in other reports? Clicking data lines in the other reports will also give you the pop-out menu with an Offer details option.

Carriers and Lanes

The Carriers report shows the carriers that have been sent offers and the Lanes report shows the different lanes covered in the offers created in your tenant. Both reports also show the percentages of accepted, countered, rejected, expired, pending, and withdrawn offers by carrier or lane.

Having your acceptance percentage by Carrier data in one place, you can see which carriers accept your offers more frequently and work with them more often. By sending those carriers offers first, you’re saving time and working more efficiently!

Like with offer creators, clicking an individual carrier or lane will apply a filter to the other reports within the Offer metrics summary to show their statistics. Clicking a carrier or lane will also prompt the same pop-out menu to Keep only, Exclude, View offer details, Sort in descending order, sort in ascending order, and view the carrier or lane data in chart form.

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