Create an account hierarchy

Creating an account hierarchy in your Turvo tenant is a great way to organize your Customers, Carriers, and/or Factors that may be a part of the same higher account. By creating a parent account and linking child accounts, you can easily find shipments, orders, and other details of all children linked to a single parent. It’s important to note that parent accounts are for reporting only, orders and shipments should continue to be created against customers or carriers.

This article covers:

Creating a parent account

Step 1:

Log in to your Turvo tenant and click on the + symbol in the top right corner. Then select Parent from the drop-down menu.


Step 2:

Fill in the details on the Create parent modal that pops up.

  • Parent account (required):The name of the highest account (parent account) that will house the child accounts.
  • Link accounts (optional): Where you can link any child accounts (customers, carriers, or factors) that already exist in your Turvo tenant. Entering the child accounts at creation will link the children to the parent account and remove the need to establish the account hierarchy after the parent account is created. This can also be done in the Accounts tab once the parent has been created (described below).
  • Website (optional):Add a website URL for your parent account.
  • Groups: Select the groups you'd like this customer to be a part of. If you are not sure what a group is, review our article on creating and managing groups for a description.

Protip: Parent creation will go faster if you create any Groups and child accounts you'd like to add to the Parent beforehand.

Final Step:

Once all required information is filled out, the CREATE button will change from grey to blue. Click CREATE and the parent account will be created.

Existing parent accounts will appear under Accounts > Parents in the left navigation menu, or searching for them in the global search bar.

Note: Searching for a parent account in the global search bar will also show shipments, orders, locations, etc. for any of their linked child accounts.

Linking and unlinking child accounts

If child accounts aren’t linked at the creation of the parent account, you can do so after the parent account is created with the below steps.

Note: Child accounts must be created before linking to the parent account. See our articles on creating Customer, Carriers, and Factors if you need help creating child accounts.

Step 1:

Navigate to the parent account by using the left navigation (Account > Parent), or search for the parent using the global search bar.


Step 2:

Select the parent and click the Accounts tab. Then, click + Link account.

Step 3:

In the pop-up modal begin to type the customer, carrier, or factor and select the correct account from the drop-down. Then, click ADD to link the account to your parent account.

Now that account is linked to your parent account! You can view their statistics alongside the other children on the Summary tab of your parent account.


To unlink a child account, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the child card if in card view and select Unlink account.

If in list view, hover over the child account’s line to reveal the 3 dots icon, click it, and then select Unlink account.

In the Unlink account modal, you’ll have the option to Unlink from this parent account  or Move child to another parent account.

  • Unlink from this parent account: Unlink all future shipments and orders associated with the child account from the parent. Any historical shipments or orders made with the child account while linked to the parent will still be linked to the parent account.
  • Move child to another parent account: Enter the name of the new parent account into the field in order to proceed. All future orders and shipments will be associated with the new parent account. However, all historical shipments and orders will still be associated with the current parent account, not the new one.

After choosing your option, the APPLY button will change from grey to blue. Click APPLY to unlink or move the child account.

Filtering and viewing shipments and orders by parent account

Once your parent accounts have been created and the children have been linked, you can then filter all related orders and shipments by the parent account. 

Filter shipments and orders

To filter shipments or orders by parent account, navigate to the Shipment or Orders page using the left navigation and click the filter icon. Then, select More filters at the bottom of the filter modal. 


From there, select Parent account from the drop-down menu and choose whether you would like to include a parent account in your search by selecting Is or excluding them from your search by selecting Is not.


It’s important to note that shipments and orders will only appear in your filter results if they were created after the child account was linked to the parent account. Shipments and orders created prior to linking the accounts will not show.

View shipments and orders

You can also view any connected shipments and orders directly from the parent account page. Once you’ve clicked on the parent account, you’ll see options to See all shipments and See all orders in the top right of the parent banner.


Clicking one of these options will bring you to a list of all shipments or orders related to the connected child accounts. 

Note: Any shipments or orders created prior to the linking of the child account to the parent account will not show on these pages.

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