Manage carrier exceptions with the Turvo exceptions link

As a carrier, you’re often asked to provide updates and information to resolve exceptions that arise.

Instead of providing updates via phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets, the Turvo exceptions link workflow alerts you via email when there are exceptions requiring your attention and enables you to provide updates directly into the system - even if you do not yet have a Turvo account.

If your supply chain partner uses Turvo and has set it up to automatically request exception updates from you, you’ll receive an email when there are exceptions requiring your attention. In this article, you'll learn what to do when you receive one of these emails.

Note for brokers and logistics providers: If you have a Turvo tenant and you’d like to share Turvo exception links to your carriers, see How to send an exception link to a carrier.

Step 1

Open the email that you received and click UPDATE EXCEPTIONS.


Protip: To work on all your shipments with connected stakeholders across your supply chain network in real-time, click SIGN UP NOW to create your own Turvo account. Additionally, if the email doesn't show correctly you can click on the link at the bottom of the email.


Email tips:

  • If you were expecting an email and did not receive it, please check your email spam folder.
  • If you’re having trouble accessing the link through the UPDATE EXCEPTIONS button, copy and paste the URL from the bottom of the email into your web browser.
  • Links expire after 30 days. If the link opens and is expired, check your inbox for a more recent email with a fresh link.

Step 2

When the link opens, you’ll be asked to verify your identity before updating exceptions. You will need to do this periodically to help us keep your shipment data secure. Enter the email address where you received the exceptions email and click Continue.


Note: If the field highlights red and doesn’t let you proceed after entering your email, you’ve entered an email address that doesn’t match what’s in the system. Verify you’ve entered the correct email address to proceed.

Step 3:

The Turvo exceptions link is a live list of all exceptions shared from your supply chain partner. You'll see specific shipment information such as origin and destination, shipment IDs, and the exception type. You may see a location populated if a location was indicated within the exception (location will always correspond to a pickup or delivery location that is on the shipment).


Above the exceptions list, you can filter your exceptions by Customer, Shipment ID, Origin, Destination, Location, Exception, Mode, PRO #, and Stop type.


If you'd like to check for any new exceptions since you joined the link, refresh your page and the list will update.

Protip: Customize the columns shown in our exception list by clicking the vertical three dots to the far right of the column header row and selecting the columns from the pop-out list. Turvo will automatically save your column selection and order to an applied filter.


Scrolling to the far right will reveal a Reason drop-down menu where you can select a reason for the exception before resolution, as well as any other required fields needed in order to resolve the exception.

The following exception types require a Reason to be provided before the exception can be resolved:

  • Missed appointment
  • Running late
  • Border issue
  • Equipment issue
  • Carrier issue
  • Customer issue
  • Location issue
  • Product issue
  • Pickup issue
  • Delivery issue
  • Appointment issue

The following exception types require missing information to be provided before resolving the exception.

  • Missing arrival
  • At pickup/At delivery date/time
  • Missing departure
  • Picked up/Delivered date/time
  • Appointment not scheduled
  • Appointment date/time

Note: When providing a date/time to resolve an exception that does not require a Reason, the new date/time might violate another exception rule. In these cases, providing a Reason for the initial exception will create the secondary exception and resolve both exceptions at once.

Protip: If you work with multiple partners on Turvo, each one will share exceptions via a separate link. To manage all your exceptions in one place, Get started on Turvo.

Step 4:

Once you’ve entered all the required information, the check mark on the right side of the row will turn green.


Final Step:

The RESOLVE button in the bottom right corner will change from grey to blue once you’ve provided all required information on at least one exception. When you've completed the required information for your exceptions, click RESOLVE.

Updates will be automatically shared back to your supply chain partner and saved on the shipment, and the exception will be cleared from your list.


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