Create and edit carrier groups

Carrier groups are a tool allowing you to group specific carriers in order to share offers or shipment postings to a specific group instead of sharing to your entire network or a single carrier.

For instance, perhaps you have a group of preferred carriers or there is a set of regional carriers who you know operate a specific lane. Simply put those carriers into a group, and you’ll be able to select that group when creating an offer instead of selecting each carrier individually.

Note: Carrier groups are not related to the Groups visibility feature contained in the Admin Console.

Below, you’ll learn how to create and update carrier groups as needed. For information on how to share shipment postings and offers to groups, see How to send an offer to a carrier and How to create a shipment posting and send to carriers.

Creating a new carrier group

Carrier groups can only be created from the Carrier account list view.  

Step 1:

Navigate to Accounts > Carriers in the left navigation bar, and make sure to put them in list view.

Step 2:

There are two methods by which you can create a carrier group.

Method 1:

From list view, you can select each carrier you would like to include in the group by checking the checkbox on the left side of the row.

Note: You can always add more carriers to the group later so no need to select the exhaustive list at this point.

Protip: You can quickly select multiple rows at a time by holding down shift and clicking the first and last rows of the group you need to edit, rather than clicking each row individually. Alternatively, you can use the Select All checkbox on the left of the header row to select all visible rows, up to the first 50 results. You can also bulk deselect the rows by clicking the blue “-” button at the top of the column.


Then click CREATE CARRIER GROUP within the blue ribbon at the bottom right of the page.

Enter a Group name (required) and a Description of the group (optional).  Click SAVE to create the group.

Method 2:

Change the View by toggle in the upper right corner to "Grouped accounts."  Click the + Add group button.

Fill in the modal with the required Group name, optional Description, and indicate at least one carrier in the group in order to proceed.  Click CREATE to create the group.

Managing and updating carrier groups

Once a group is created you can find it by navigating to Accounts > Carriers and updating the View by toggle in the upper right to "Grouped accounts." Click on a group to view the group profile and make updates to the group details or membership.

Updating Carrier group details

The Details tab contains a General segment where the name and the description of the group can be updated.

There is also a segment which indicates the Group owner.  The Group owner is the user who originally created the group.  

Note: Group owners cannot be changed.

Carrier group member addition and removal

The Carriers tab of a carrier group shows all carriers that have been added to the group. From here, you can click the + Add a carrier card to add more carriers to the group.  

To remove a carrier from the group, click the More actions icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of the carrier card and select Unlink carrier.

Archiving carrier groups

Carrier groups can be archived if they will no longer be used. Archiving a group will remove it from view for all users and it cannot be retrieved.

Protip: Carrier groups do not have a delete option, but archiving serves the same purpose as deletion.

To archive a group, simply locate the group in your carrier Grouped accounts view and click to enter the group profile. Then, click the More actions icon that appears in the upper right corner and select Archive from the menu.

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