Enable automatic document sharing in customer accounts

Turvo provides the ability to configure automatic sharing of documents that have been added to a shipment or order, regardless of where the document originated. Automatic document sharing is configured and controlled within the customer profile in Turvo, so it can be customized per customer.  

Important note: The automatic document sharing feature outlined in this article is distinct from the invoice auto-share feature outlined in our How to use Auto-invoicing for customer invoices article. Where that feature is aimed solely at customer invoices generated using the Auto-invoice feature, this feature focuses on automatically sharing the following document types:

Shipment document types:

  • Bill of lading (BOL)
  • Receipt
  • Proof of delivery
  • Claim
  • Accessorial certificate
  • Inspection certificate
  • Packing slip
  • Weight certificate

Order document types:

  • Batch invoice
  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Other

The following graphic conceptually illustrates the automatic document sharing flow. Documents that are added onto a shipment or order, regardless of where the document originated, can be shared with the customer on the shipment or order. For instance, if a connected Carrier partner shares a BOL to a Broker, that Broker can configure their settings to share that document directly to the Customer on the shipment or order with no manual intervention.

Protip: Turvo also offers the document sharing on delivery links feature, which allows for consignees receiving delivery location links to receive relevant customer documentation with the delivery links sent to their email during the shipment process. See our Sharing shipment documentation via delivery links article to learn more.

Users with the Editor role and above can configure these changes. Follow the steps below to configure these settings.

If you don't have this feature enabled in your tenant, reach out to your Turvo representative for more information.

Note: For shipments that have multiple customers added, manual sharing is still required.

Understanding sharing vs. sending a document

Before configuring automatic document sharing, it’s important to understand the difference between sharing a document and sending a document in Turvo:

  • Sharing: Sharing a document refers to making a shipment or order document available on a shipping partner’s connected tenant in your Turvo network. The shipping partner will be able to access the document from within the shipment or order. This can be done manually or via auto-sharing configurations.
  • Sending: Sending a document means creating and delivering an email message with all attached files in the shipment or order document. This can be done manually or via automatic configurations.

Enabling automatic document sharing

To configure a customer profile for automatic document sharing:

  1. Navigate to the customer profile, either by finding them in the customer list under Accounts > Customers from the left navigation bar, or by searching for them in the search bar.

  1. Click into the customer Details tab and click to expand the Settings segment.

  1. For shipment document sharing, click the Document sharing segment and turn on the toggle to Enable automatic document sharing. For order document sharing, turn on the Enable automatic document sharing toggle in the Order documents segment.


  1. Next, click the toggles for each document type you would like to automatically share. A green toggle indicates that sharing is ON for that document type. A grey toggle indicates that sharing for that document type is OFF.


Note: The Document sharing segment includes the Use tenant default and Invoice auto-share toggles, which control the invoice auto-share feature. These are not relevant to this feature. The Order documents segment does not include the Use tenant default and Invoice auto-share.

  1. Click SAVE to save your selections and enable sharing. Once a document of that type is added to or created from a shipment or order, that document will be shared automatically to the customer’s Turvo tenant.

Note: If you make changes to sharing in both the Document sharing and Order documents segments, you will need to save changes in each segment separately using the SAVE button.

Repeat this process to set up document sharing setup for any additional customers you would like to automatically share invoices with.

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