Public scheduling for appointments in Turvo

The number of hours spent on scheduling can be significantly reduced by eliminating the need for the many calls and emails required to schedule appointments today. Public scheduling in Turvo enables external parties to access a public link to schedule appointments based on predefined location availability and parameters in your Turvo tenant. 

A Turvo tenant or login is not required to access the Public scheduling link.

For customers who would like to enable Public scheduling for their logistics partners to use, you will be provided a unique URL that directs your logistics partners to your Public scheduling portal. You must distribute your organization’s Public scheduling URL to the external parties that you'd like to collaborate with. Coordinate with your Turvo representative to get this setup for your organization.

Note: Public scheduling functionality currently works with pickup and/or delivery of orders only. Orders must be referenced to book an appointment, so if you do not use Turvo Orders functionality, you will not be able to use this feature.

How to book a new appointment in the Public scheduling portal

Step 1:

Navigate to the public scheduling URL and select your desired language from the drop-down menu.


English is selected by default, but the following languages are also available:

  • Polish
  • French 
  • Spanish (Castilian) 
  • Spanish (Mexican)
  • Italian
  • Russian


Step 2:



Note: If you’re in the EU, you’ll need to accept our cookie policy and agree to our terms and privacy policy to proceed.



Step 3:

In the Choose a facility drop-down, select your desired appointment location.

If there is a Service type drop-down, select the needed services for the appointment. 

Protip: When Turvo enterprise customers set up Public scheduling, services can be configured based on location. When reservations are set up on the appointment schedule, they’re configured to be for special services only or standard services only. Depending on the type of service selected from the drop-down, you will only see slots available for that service type (either special or standard). 


Step 4:

Enter an order or shipment reference ID that needs to be fulfilled on the appointment, and press enter or click the spyglass. The order will appear with the stop sequence number, customer name, pickup or delivery address, and equipment type.

Note: Orders should be entered in the stop sequence, starting tail first for outbound and nose first for inbound. You can grab the stop sequence number and drag and drop the orders into the correct sequence at any time.


Any transaction reference can be used to find orders to add to your appointment. Possible reference IDs include:

  • Order ID or Shipment ID (Turvo unique ID)
  • Warehouse order #
  • Sales order #
  • Service order #
  • Purchase order #
  • Bill of lading
  • PRO #
  • Tracking #

Appointment scheduling with orders:


Appointment scheduling with shipments:


If there is a reference ID that matches multiple customers and/or orders/shipments, a window will populate and you will need to check the checkbox next to each order that should be fulfilled on the appointment and click SELECT.

If the location you’re scheduling an appointment for uses orders to schedule their appointments and a stop sequence has been provided to the facility, they’ll automatically display in their requested stop sequence. 

Click CONTINUE once all orders are attached and arranged in the proper stop sequence.

If the orders you’ve entered doesn’t match the requested stop sequence, you’ll see a Verify stop sequence modal to confirm the correct sequence.


Step 5:

Enter the information of the carrier picking up and/or delivering the order by entering one of the following identifiers: 

  • MC
  • DOT
  • SCAC

If the identifier doesn't populate the proper carrier, you can manually enter the details by clicking Enter manually. Once the information is entered, click CONTINUE.


If you’re scheduling an appointment in the EU, enter the information of the carrier picking up and/or delivering the order by entering the VAT, searching for the carrier by their name, or enter the information manually.


Step 6:

A calendar will populate the available date/times at the selected location. To choose an appointment slot, you'll need to:

  1. Select the date
  2. Select the time
  3. Choose the type of appointment:
    • Live: The driver stays at the location and leaves once the trailer is unloaded/loaded.
    • Drop: The trailer is dropped at the location and the driver leaves.
      • Note: This must be pre-approved by facility
  1. Enter any special instructions that should be communicated to the warehouse (100 character limit).


Protip: If none of the available time slots work for you, click REQUEST ANOTHER TIME. It will provide information to contact the location to discuss alternative times. 

Step 7:

Input the contact information of the person who should receive the appointment confirmation. Optionally, you can also add a driver at this time by clicking + Add driver.

When adding a contact, Contact name, Contact email, and Contact phone are required. Check the available checkboxes to send a confirmation email and/or text message as desired.


If you choose to add a driver, only the driver name and phone are required while email is optional. The driver will receive a text message to open and track the shipment in the Turvo driver mobile app.

Protip: You can add multiple contacts by clicking + Add contact if multiple people should receive the appointment confirmation. For instance, you can add yourself and someone else to receive this information.

Step 8:

Your appointment has been confirmed and booked! If you selected to have email or text message confirmation, these have been sent at this time as well. On the confirmation page, you will receive a summary of relevant appointment information including:

  • Appointment confirmation number (important if you need to update the appointment later)
  • Address of pickup/delivery
  • Date/time
  • Type of appointment (live/drop)
  • Orders or shipment assigned to the appointment
  • Carrier information
  • Contact & driver information

How external parties modify/delete an appointment 

Step 1:

Navigate to the Public scheduling URL and click CHANGE APPOINTMENT.


Step 2:

Enter the confirmation number of the appointment you want to change and click the spyglass icon to locate your appointment.

Once you have selected your appointment, click CONTINUE.

Note: Any appointments with orders or shipments on them will need an order number, shipment number, or reference ID associated with the appointment to continue. Appointments without orders or shipments will need the date of the appointment.

Final step:

The appointment summary page includes all relevant information to the appointment split into four sections, which are listed below. Editing any pieces of information on this page will update the scheduled appointment. 

Note: After the cutoff time has passed, you can only edit contact and driver information.

  1. Appointment information

    • Edit date/time of the appointment
    • Change the type of appointment (Live/Drop)
    • Add any special instructions to communicate to the location

Note: The Appointment information section cannot be modified for recurring appointments set up by the location. Service type also cannot be changed (i.e. from a standard to a special appointment). If you need to change the service type on your appointment, you’ll have to cancel the appointment and make a new one or call the facility.

  1. Order #/customer

    • Add/delete orders on the appointment
    • Rearrange the sequence in which orders are loaded
    • Adjust ETA by day
  1. Company information

    • Add/edit the carrier information
  1. Contact & driver information

    • Add/edit contacts
    • Add email/text updates whenever something is modified on the order
    • Add driver information

To make changes to a particular section, click EDIT next to the section header. Once you are done making changes, click SAVE and the appointment will update. 

You can also cancel an appointment by clicking CANCEL APPOINTMENT at the bottom right of the screen. Once you confirm you'd like to cancel the appointment, you will be taken back to the Public scheduling homepage.

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