Respond to a shipment posting without having a carrier tenant

Even if you don't have your own Turvo tenant, as a carrier who has received a shipment posting via email, you can still respond with an offer to the requestor. The below article describes what to do when you receive a shipment posting in your email inbox that you'd like to cover.

Step 1: Locate the email

Check your email and find the shipment posting that was shared with you. Open the email, and review the details. The logistics partner who shared it with you should be visible, as well as the pickup and delivery locations, dates, and mileage. If you would like to make an offer, click MAKE AN OFFER.



Step 2: Enter your information

On the next page, you'll need to enter your MC, DOT, or SCAC to indicate your carrier account. Click the tile corresponding to which ID you prefer to enter, enter the ID in the text box, and click OFFER.


Step 3: Enter your rate and submit

Fill in the Quote field to indicate your quoted amount, adjust the expiration time for your offer (default is one hour), and enter any comments you wish to make to your logistics partner.  Then, click SUBMIT.


If the broker approves the quoted amount, they will add you as the carrier on the shipment. You will then receive full shipment details and be able to add a driver and specific equipment for execution.

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