Understanding appointment schedules

Appointment scheduling within Turvo allows you to effectively collaborate with your carriers to manage the traffic coming in and out of your locations. Utilizing appointment scheduling will enable you to forecast your location’s needs from a time and labor perspective.

Step 1:

Navigate to a location, either by hovering over the left navigation bar and clicking Locations to see all of your locations, or by searching for the location in the global search bar.


Step 2:

Select the location that you want to see the schedule for. If you have multiple locations, each location will have a unique schedule.

Step 3:

Select the Schedule tab from the location summary page. This is where you will be making and editing appointments for that location.

Schedule layout

The schedule is displayed in the form of a typical calendar. The calendar shows a daily view with incremental time slots. The time listed for each appointment slot is located on the top of each column.

Note: For tenants that use appointments scheduling, the appointment calendar will display the status of the order on the appointment card so you don’t need to click on an order to see the appointment status.

  • Slots: Slots represent capacity at the location. There are two different types of slots available:

    • Open Slot: An open slot means there is capacity during the time slot, so you can either create a reservation (see types below) or book an appointment directly through the slot.
    • Closed Slot: A closed slot means there is no capacity at the location during that time and no appointments can be booked.
  • Reservations: Reservations allow you to reserve the open slots in deliberate ways to ensure that capacity is optimized. On all reservations, there is a directional indicator on the top right corner. Out is for outbound appointments and In is for inbound appointments. The different types of reservations include:
    • Customer: Reserve a slot for a critical customer that needs a specific amount of capacity.

    • Other (Customer): When a schedule is uploaded through the Schedule import function, it’s a slot for lower volume customers who do not have assigned reservations. For Other (Customer) reservations that are manually created, any customer can book this slot.

    • Public: Reserve a slot for a specific type of directional move, inbound or outbound. All customers and carriers can book this type of reservation.

    • Carrier: Reserve a slot for a carrier.

    • Special services: Any reservations specifically for special services will have a wrench icon in the bottom right corner of the block. Customers and carriers will only be able to book services configured as special for that location.


    • Load type: Reservations created with a specific load type designated will show the load type in the bottom left corner of the block.


Protip: If you have different customer’s orders on a single appointment, you are able to book an appointment on any of those customer’s reservations.

Schedule navigation

  • Select Date: You can change the date via the popup calendar on the top left of the schedule.
  • Viewing All Time Slots: Use the horizontal scroll bar to navigate to times later in the day and the vertical scroll bar to navigate to any appointment slots that may not be in your view.
  • Filters: Filter your schedule view to improve your workflow and only see the type of information pertinent to your task at hand. Filters include:

    • Accounts: Only look at appointments that involve specific customers or carriers. Select to filter by Customer or Carrier, then begin typing the name of a customer or carrier in the Account name field. Select the appropriate account from the results in the drop-down. 
    • Direction: Choose to view the schedule by inbound or outbound appointments.
    • Services: Filter your appointments by all slots that have a specific type of load. You can choose to filter by all Standard services, all Special services, or choose a specific service from the list provided.
    • IDs: Search by Confirmation #Order #, or Shipment #.
      • Note: Locations can be configured to use Orders or Shipments to book appointments. Tenants are configured to Orders by default, but reach out to your Turvo representative if you’d like to update to Shipments.
    • Type: Choose to view only Live or Drop appointments.
    • Other filters: On the right side, click Show: All, then choose Open slots, Appointments without orders, or Appointments without shipments from the drop-down menu.
      • Open slots: Displays all remaining capacity at your facility.
      • Appointments without orders/shipments: Displays only appointments that don’t have orders or shipments assigned.

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