Dashboard for carriers

Carriers who are setup with their own tenant in Turvo have access to a custom dashboard which shows statistics and information directly relevant to carrier operations and needs. Shipment cards show counts of shipments throughout the shipment lifecycle, providing an overview of current business operations. The Offer cards provide an overview of outstanding offers and a place to accept or reject offers that will soon expire.

Additionally, the network and marketplace blocks allow you to post asset availability and respond to posted shipments from a single place. This article explains the carrier dashboard cards, features, and functionality. 

Shipment cards

At the top of the dashboard page, a series of shipment cards display key statistics of shipments in various work phases that have been booked with your organization. The cards include the Plan Summary, Ship Summary, and Bill Summary.


The count displayed in the middle of each card is the total count of shipments in that phase. See a description of each card's statistics below:


Plan Summary card

  • Needs assignment: Count of shipments in Plan phase that don’t have a driver assigned to them. 
  • Needs appt: Count of shipments in Plan phase that don’t have an appointment set. 
  • Needs dispatch: Count of shipments in the Plan phase that have a pickup time on that day. 


Ship Summary card

  • Running late: Count of shipments that are running late to their next location. 
  • Exceptions: Count of shipments that have exceptions.


Bill Summary card

  • Needs docs: Count of shipments that need a Proof of Delivery, Bill of Lading, or other documents uploaded to be ready for billing.
  • Needs payment: Count of shipments that have an approved invoice but are yet to be paid.
  • Needs invoice: Count of shipments with all documents uploaded but are yet to be invoiced.


Offers cards

The Offer Summary card shows high level offers statistics, which is followed by a list of live offers that have been shared with your organization.


Offer Summary

  • Open: Count of offers awaiting your response but not about to expire.
  • Pending: Count of offers that await a response from a Turvo network partner.
  • Expiring: Count of offers that will expire in 30 minutes (this is not customizable).

Offer cards

These cards are actual offers that your organization has received. Cards representing the 5 offers closest to expiration will display on the dashboard. 

If the Turvo partner requested a specific price for the shipment, it will display in the center of the card, along with the origin and destination locations and pickup/delivery dates. If no specific price was requested, a dash will display in the center of the card. An expiration time is shown in the upper right corner of each card. 

Directly from the dashboard, you are able to accept the offer by clicking ACCEPT, reject the offer by clicking REJECT, or counter the offer with your own price by clicking COUNTER


Note: If the Turvo partner who submitted the offer has marked it as “uncounterable” you will not be able to counter it. For more information on Offers in Turvo, see our video on How to manage offers you receive in Turvo.


Add asset availability and Marketplace

The Add asset availability and Marketplace blocks allow you to post your own asset availability and share with Turvo partners, as well as see shipment postings shared with your organization.


Add asset availability

While you can also add asset availability via the Network tab in the left navigation bar, this block allows you to add asset details without leaving the dashboard.

Toggling your view between the "Less details" and "More details" view allows you to choose the level of detail you’d like included with your posting.

Once details are filled in, you can click COPY to quickly copy that information into another row to add multiple assets at the same time. Adjust dates and rates as needed, or leave the Rate column blank.

At the bottom of the block, you can choose whether you’d like to share the availability with your entire Turvo network by selecting “My network,” or “Select individual customers” to choose which of your Turvo partners you’d like to see this availability. 

If the “Take me to matches” checkbox in the bottom right is checked, upon posting the asset availability a new browser tab will be opened showing you shipment postings from your Turvo partners which match your asset availability. Make sure to click POST when you’re ready to post.

Note: Once posted, you can view the asset availability in the Marketplace block below by clicking to view Assets, or within the Network tab in the left navigation bar. 


The Marketplace block shows asset availability you have posted as well as shipments that have been posted by your Turvo partners.

When the Shipments option is highlighted in the top left corner, the Marketplace block will show shipment postings that have been shared with you by your Turvo partners. This is the default view. 

When the Assets option is highlighted in the top left corner, the list will show asset availability you have added.

These lists can be filtered based on desired Origin, Destination, and date. 

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