Upload IDs in Turvo

Upload IDs are used to identify master data entities (customers, carriers, locations, and items) in Turvo when performing bulk uploads. To learn how to use the Turvo Data Importer (TDI) for bulk uploads, see the Introduction to TDI article in the Help Center. 

For instructions on how to find upload IDs, read the steps below for the two options:

  1. Through Turvo reports
  2. On the customer, carrier, location or item profile

Through Turvo reports

Select Reports from the left navigation bar.


Go to the Uploads card within the reports page. Here you can select the Carrier, Customer, Location or Item master upload ID reports


These can be reviewed directly in Turvo or downloaded to an excel document by selecting the download (cloud and arrow) button on the top right of the breadcrumb bar and clicking Download Excel.

Reference the ID number in the "Upload ID" column and use this as the master data ID when filling in the bulk upload template (Customer.Key, Carrier.Key, Pickup.Key, etc. columns).

Within the customer, carrier, location or item profile

In the Details tab of these entities, under the ID segment you will find the upload ID. This ID is used to reference the entity in the bulk upload template.


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