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You can create a product catalogue of items and attributes in Turvo that can be used for reference or when building orders. Check out the steps below to learn how create an item and see our managing item master details article for more detailed information on how to manage and update items.

Note: This feature is not automatically available in all tenants and must be configured. Contact your Turvo representative to discuss adding this feature for your company.


Step 1:

Click on the + sign in the upper right corner and then select Item from the Create menu.


Step 2:

Fill in the details on the Create item modal that pops up. All fields require information to create an item. Descriptions of each field are listed below.

  • Item name: The name of the item, as determined by your organization.

  • Item #: Enter the applicable item number. This number can include numbers, letters or symbols.

  • Account: Account refers to the customer who manufactures or owns the item. Begin typing the name of a customer, and then select the customer account from the dropdown.

    • Note: Only customer accounts that have already been created will appear in the dropdown. If needed, learn how to create a customer account.
      Protip: When adding items to orders, the items that will appear in the Item Master dropdown will be based on the customer on the Order and the account on the Item. If the two are not the same, you will not be able to add the Item Master entry to the order.

  • Length, Width, Height, Dimension units: Enter the dimensions for the item, then choose the appropriate unit from the Dimension units dropdown menu.

  • Net Weight, Weight units: Enter the net weight of the item, then select the appropriate unit from the Weight units dropdown menu.

  • Temp, Temp units: Enter the temperature requirements of the item, then select Farenheit or Celsius from the Temp units dropdown menu.

Final Step:

Once all of the fields are filled out, the CREATE button will change from grey to blue. Click CREATE and the item will be created and saved to your item master. You will automatically be taken to the item details page where you can add additional details, such as IDs, item value, Ti Hi, etc.

Existing items will appear under the Item master section in the left navigation menu. You can also now add your recently created item and its attributes directly to an order.

To learn more about updating item details please reference the managing item master details article.

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