Add an Item entry to an order

If your tenant includes Item, then you can add existing items and their attributes to an order. This will save you time as you do not have to retype the item attributes on the order. If you have not added any items yet, learn how to create items.

Note: This feature is not automatically available in all tenants, and must be configured. Contact your Turvo representative to discuss adding this feature for your company.

Step 1:

To access an order, go to the left navigation and select Orders, then choose an order to open. Or, use the global search bar to search for an order.


Step 2:

Once you have selected an order, click on the Details tab.


Step 3:

Within the Details tab, click the Items section and then click + Add item.

Step 4:

In the Item field, start typing the name of the item you want to add to the order. By default, the Item Master dropdown will only display the items associated with the customer on the order (and who the account is on the item).

Protip: You have the option to configure your tenant so the Item field displays all items instead of restricting the list to the associated customer. Reach out to your Turvo Representative to turn off this restriction.


Once you select an item from the dropdown, all item attributes saved in the item master will automatically populate.


If needed, you can edit or add additional item attributes. Any edits made will only update the information on this specific order, it will not update the information saved in the item master entry. If you need to add an additional attribute for an item, click + Add attribute. You can also add more items by clicking + Add item again.

Final Step:

Once all required information is filled out, the SAVE button in the bottom right corner of the items section will change from grey to blue; click SAVE.

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