Manually add a carrier to a shipment

In lieu of sending an offer, creating a posting, or posting to a load board, if you have a specific carrier that you know will cover a shipment you can add them directly in the shipment's Carriers block. Follow the steps below to find out how.

Step 1:

Create or navigate to the shipment that needs to be covered, and click on the Details tab.


Step 2:

Scroll down to the Carriers block and click the tiny + sign on the right side of the page.


Step 3:

In the text box that appears on the left side, start typing in the carrier's name. Turvo will search your tenant for any matching carrier accounts. Click to select the correct carrier.


Once selected, click the small green checkmark to add the carrier to the shipment.


Final step:

The selected carrier will be added to the shipment. You may now enter additional carrier information, such as IDs, costs, and equipment.

More information on updating shipment details can be found in our Managing advanced shipment details article. 

Protip: When adding a carrier, if you are utilizing Turvo’s tenant-level configuration for automatically applying carrier rates, Turvo checks for, and automatically applies contracts or global rates for the carrier and adds the rate to the carrier’s payable shipment costs once assigned.

See our article, How to assign a contracted carrier rate to a shipment, to learn more about utilizing automated carrier rating settings.

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