Turvo Mobile: Manage shipments

Even when on the go, you can continue to manage and track your shipments in the Turvo app.


Similar to Turvo Web, you can find your key mainline applications in the left navigation bar. You can open the navigation menu by tapping the Turvo logo in the top left of the screen.


In the left navigation, you can select to view all shipments, or click the down arrow to the right of shipments to specify which phase of shipments you want to filter down to.


Viewing shipments

You can access your shipments by selecting the Shipments option in the left navigation bar.

From here, you can see a shipment summary on the shipment card view just like within the web platform, as well as create new filters or access previously saved filters.

Note: Shipments cannot be created in Turvo Mobile, only updated.


From the shipment card, you can use the Fast Action Button (FAB) to take action on a shipment.


Within the Turvo mobile app, the FAB has some different options compared to the web platform. In the app, you can use the FAB to:

  • Add a tag to the shipment
  • Set an appointment (if applicable)
  • Post an update to the shipment
  • Upload or create documents
  • Create a new message (Note: To find or continue an existing conversation, access the conversation under the Shipment > Messenger tab. The option here is only to create a new message!)

Protip: In the top right corner of each shipment card is an i, task, exception, or tag icon, depending on whether there is an existing task, exception, or tag on the shipment. Tap the icon to quickly manage existing exceptions, tasks or tags and add new ones. All four possible icons are displayed below.


Navigating within shipments

From within a shipment, you can swipe or tap between different shipment tabs.


In the details tab of a shipment, you can tap into the different segments to see more information or make updates. For example, in the equipment needed segment you can update the services, trailer type, and details.


By selecting the ‘i’ symbol in the upper right corner of the screen, you will be brought to an additional screen where you can manage existing exceptions, tasks or tags. You can also tap the ‘+’ icon to create a new exception, task or tag.


Protip: Depending on what page of the shipment you are on, the ‘+’ button action will update. For example, if you are on the exception tab, and you select the ‘+’ button, the new exception page will appear.


Tracking shipments

Turvo Mobile displays shipment location ping details received from telematics or the driver app. 

Navigate to the shipment you want to track and click the Tracking icon.


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