Turvo Mobile: Collaboration and managing your workflow

Turvo Mobile ensures that you can continue managing your workflow and collaborating with members of your supply chain when you are not at your desk.


Messages can be accessed through the left navigation bar or directly within a shipment.  

In the messenger entity, you can see all historical messages between you and your teammates, in addition to creating a new message. In the upper left corner, if you select the magnifying glass symbol, you can search through messages.


Protip: Messenger search results are based on the content of the message, in addition to who is sending that message.


Similar to messages, Tasks can be found in both the left navigation bar and directly on the shipment.

In the Task entity, you can manage tasks assigned to you and tasks you are following. You can also create a new task and assign it accordingly.  

When managing a task, it is easy to link it to an existing shipment so that when reviewing the task in the future, you have the context of the associated shipment.



To access your notifications through Turvo Mobile, select the bell symbol in the top right of your screen. Here you will see all notifications. If you click on one of your notifications, you will go directly to the associated shipment.


To enable mobile notifications, log onto Turvo Web and in your user profile’s Rules tab, create a rule to receive notifications through the Turvo mobile app. Learn more about configuring your notifications in Turvo Web.


To create notes for a shipment, navigate to the shipment and click the Notes tab.

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