Turvo's ITS integration: Enable ITS postings

Turvo’s Internet Truck Stop (ITS) integration gives you the ability to post shipments directly to ITS without leaving your Turvo tenant. Using Integration hub, users with Admin level permissions and above can enable the integration for your tenant.

Step 1: Enabling ITS via Integration hub in Turvo

Log into your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.


In the Admin console, click the Integration hub tile.


Then, scroll down to the Load boards/Tracking integrations section and select the ITS tile.


Within the Integrate tab, click the ENABLE INTEGRATION at the bottom right corner of the screen to enable the function.


Step 2: Establishing the connection with ITS

Once postings are enabled for your Turvo tenant, contact ITS to finish setting up the integration. Email tsi@truckstop.com to request connecting ITS and Turvo and the Truckstop.com integration team will handle the request.

Note: A pro account and an integration bundle product license with Truckstop.com is needed to integrate with Turvo.

Final Step: Enter user credentials 

After the integration is enabled and you contact ITS and Truckstop.com, each user needs to enter their ITS credentials into Turvo to post shipments to ITS. To do this, navigate to your Profile by clicking the Profile icon, then your name.


Select the Details tab, then click Settings to reveal the Load boards section. Click the toggle under the Truckstop.com section to sign in and enable the posting option.


A pop up window to sign into Truckstop.com opens.

Type in your Email Address and Password for your ITS account, then click LINK ACCOUNTS.

You are now set up to begin posting shipments to ITS. Learn how to post a shipment to ITS.

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