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When making updates to a shipment or order, you can use the Documents tab to create or upload the necessary documents, such as a BOL, POD, or Carrier Invoice. You can also update or archive existing documents. Need to add a document? Learn how to add, share, and send a document on a shipment and an order.

To update or archive an existing document, first navigate to the shipment or order and select the Documents tab. The Documents tab displays all of the documents attached to the shipment or order that you are allowed to see based on how the document was shared.

Hover over a document in the list to reveal the More actions menu (three vertical dots) on the right side. Click More actions, then select Archive or Update from the drop-down. 



If you need to delete a document, then click the More actions menu and select Archive. It is important to note that archiving a document is equivalent to deleting a document altogether. Once a document is archived, there is no ability to recover it in Turvo.

Once you click Archive, you do have the chance to change your mind. If you are sure that you want to delete the document, then click YES and the document will disappear. If you decide not to archive, then click NO.


If you need to add a different version of a document or make a change, then consider updating the existing document instead of archiving then adding a new one.

Note: The Archive and Edit features are applicable to documents added from an outside source and to documents generated from templates within Turvo. However, if your document was generated using a custom template configured in the Admin console > Document templates page, the template’s HTML file must include code corresponding to the configurable fields in order to make changes from the Update document modal. See the following article to learn more about adding and creating documents, and about configuring default and secondary document templates: 

To update a document:

  1. Hover over the document, click the More actions menu, then select Update. This opens the Update document modal.
  2. The options available to edit in the modal will differ depending on the type of document.

  1. Fill out or edit any needed fields.
    1. If you need to add an additional document, drag and drop the file, or click to browse your computer. To replace the existing uploaded file, click the small ‘x’ next to the file’s name, then upload a different file.


Note: Up to 20 megabytes (MB) of files can be attached to a document.

  1. Once a new version is uploaded, you will see a new version number under the Version column of the Documents tab.
    1. In the example below, the Proof of delivery document displays Version 2. This means that this is the second iteration of the document.

Protip: You can access previous versions of a document. Click a document to open it, then click the small grey arrows under UPDATE to see all available versions. Select a version from the drop-down to view. You can also email or download past versions if needed.


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