Post and share asset capacity

Posting assets in Turvo allows you to notify your customers of available capacity and see matching shipments from your network.

Step 1:

Login and navigate to Marketplace in the left navigation menu. 

Note: If your tenant doesn't have a Marketplace tab, this functionality is available in the Network tab.


Step 2:

Click the Fast Action Button (FAB) in the bottom right corner of the screen, then click Add asset availability. 


Step 3:

Fill in details on the Add asset availability modal. 

  • Origin: Location of the currently available asset. Begin typing, then select a suggestion from the dropdown.
  • Destination: Preferred shipment destination for the posted asset. Begin typing, then select a suggestion from the dropdown. This is an optional field. 
  • Available date: Date that the asset will be available.
  • Equipment: Equipment type of the posted asset.
  • Rate: The requested flat rate to book the posted asset. This is an optional field.

Open the “More details” tab to edit the time of day, equipment size and equipment weight.


  • Time: The time of day (e.g. 1:30 AM).
  • Size: The size of the available asset.
  • Weight: The weight of the available asset, in pounds.

To add additional assets, click + Add asset to create an empty row or click copy to duplicate your latest entry.

If you intend to report many available assets, consider downloading the Excel template, then importing the list of assets.


Step 4:

Determine which customers should be informed of the reported capacity.


  • My Network: Inform all of your connected and active customer accounts.
  • Select individual customers: Inform a selected group of customer accounts.
    • If this option is selected, then click into the Customers field to add one or more customers.

Step 5:

After entering values for all applicable fields, click SAVE.


Note: Checking the box for Take me to matches, will open Marketplace in a new tab.

Step 6: 

After locating your newly posted asset, click the asset line to view the posting details. 


In the right pane, you can view and edit posting details with the Posting tab, view matching shipments already created in your tenant under the Shipment tab, and see matching shipment postings from your connected carriers in the Marketplace tab:


If you'd like to remove or edit your posting, click into the Posting tab of the right pane pop out. To remove your posting and prevent customers from viewing it, click REMOVE POSTING at the bottom left corner of the Postings tab. To edit any details of the posting, click EDIT at the bottom right corner of the Postings tab. 


Note: If the ability to post and share asset capacity is under the Network tab in your tenant, the Marketplace tab of a posting detail will be labeled Network. 

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