Turvo Mobile: Getting started

In addition to our web application that you use on your computer, Turvo also offers our mobile app which allows you to keep on top of your Turvo operations from anywhere using your mobile device. Read on for information on how to download and navigate the Turvo app.

Downloading the app

To download the application, you must visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search for "Turvo" and download the app. Make sure not to choose the Turvo Driver app, which has a blue Turvo icon. You want the grey/black icon application.


Once downloaded, tap to open the app. You'll be prompted to enter your Turvo username and password (the same credentials you use for the website).

Next, you will receive a prompt notifying you that Turvo would like to send you notifications. Select Allow.*


*Note: If the mobile and SMS options are not selected under your User Profile > Notifications tab, you will not receive notifications even if you select Allow!


Like in Turvo web, you can find your key mainline applications in the left navigation bar. You can open the navigation menu by tapping the Turvo logo in the top left of the screen.


Note that certain categories in the menu have a tiny down arrow on the right side.


Tapping the down arrow will expand to show additional options for that category.


Learn more about configuring your Turvo app settings, collaborating in the app, and managing shipments on the go.

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