Accept a Turvo Network connection request

If you are a carrier or a customer and have received an invitation to connect in Turvo, follow the steps in this article to understand your account setup.

When you are invited to connect in Turvo, you’ll receive an email in your inbox from the company that is inviting you to connect. The email subject will read [Company Name] invites you to Turvo and clicking inside will reveal additional details. 

Note: If you already have a Turvo account with a different email address, please request that the person who invited you send another invite to the correct email address.


The email will indicate the name of the person who sent the invite, as well as their company name. If you have any shipments booked with the company inviting you to Turvo, a shipment preview will also be included letting you know how many shipments you’ve booked with them, and the details of the most recently created shipment. At the bottom, you’ll see a blue button to ACCEPT INVITE

What does it mean to accept?

Accepting the invite allows you to set up a free account and start collaborating with the person who invited you in real-time. You’ll be able to access basic Turvo functionality for free, but if you’d like full functionality you’ll have to reach out to Turvo support to claim your tenant. 

Once you click the ACCEPT INVITE button in the email, you’ll be taken to a setup page:


Your company name and email address will be pre-populated with the information used to send you the invite, and these fields are not editable. Make sure your full name is displayed correctly, as well as your phone number and timezone. 

Next, you can create your own password, which must be at least 10 characters long. 

Once all fields are filled in, the CREATE ACCOUNT button will turn from grey to blue and you will be able to click. This will create your account and automatically log you in! 

You’ll land on your Turvo Shipments page, where you can see a list of the shipments that have been shared with you. 

From here, you can:

  1. View shipment details and tracking information
  2. Receive alerts and notifications regarding shipment activity
  3. Collaborate within the platform using messenger, tasks, and inviting your network
  4. Creating and sharing new shipments, locations, contacts, and more

Additionally, because you’ve been invited by one of your partners, you can now invite more people to join you or, if you’re a site administrator, you can claim your tenant to realize full Turvo benefits and functionality.

Invite your team

To start adding member of your team to your instance of Turvo (or tenant, as we call it), click the Invite your team button at the top right of your screen. Anyone added will have the same capabilities listed above when logging into the site. 

Type in a valid email address and name for anyone you wish to invite, and click the + Invite new user button to add multiple users at the same time. Once you’ve entered them all in, click INVITE at the bottom. 


Each user you’ve added will receive an invite and will have to accept the invitation, and will follow the same flow that has been described in this article to create their account. 

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