Edit, repost, or remove a DAT or ITS posting

The ability to edit, repost, and remove a posting is located in the shipment. If you have not posted a shipment to a load board yet, learn how to post a shipment to DAT or ITS.

Navigate to the shipment associated with the posting. Either search for the shipment using the global search bar, or navigate to Shipments from the left navigation bar and locate the shipment. Click into the shipment, and then click the Details tab.

In the Shipment section, under Overview, click Postings. The following example shows a DAT posting.


In the Actions column of the posting, you have the option to Repost or Remove.


Use these actions to:

  • Edit the posting: Remove the existing posting by clicking Remove, then click + Post shipment to post a new version of the posting with the needed edits.
  • Repost the posting: Has the posting expired? Click Repost to post the shipment to the load board again with the same information.
  • Remove the posting: Click Remove to remove the shipment posting from the applicable load board.

Note: Pickup date, Delivery date and Equipment are not editable for DAT update postings.

Instead of Repost, ITS postings have the different option to Update a posting. If you click Update, then the section expands to allow you to make any needed changes to the posting.


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