Turvo's DAT integration: How to enable DAT postings

Turvo’s DAT integration gives you the ability to post to DAT directly without leaving your Turvo tenant. Using Integration hub, users with Admin level permissions and above can enable the integration for your tenant. 

This article covers:

  • Enablement prerequisites
  • Enabling DAT via Integration hub in Turvo
  • Establishing the connection with DAT

If you have already enabled the integration, learn how to post shipments to DAT or how to edit, repost, and remove DAT postings, or set up and use the DAT RateView feature in Turvo.

Enablement prerequisites

Before initiating a connection between your Turvo tenant and DAT, you must first create a DAT account. Email DAT to set up an account: techsupportteamleads@dat.com. Make sure to obtain the following information to enable the integration: 

  • Your company name
  • Your company's main contact name and phone number
  • Any unique identifier for your company (such as MC #, Address, etc)
  • Interface: Turvo Posting API
    Important note: Make sure that you request the API credentials in REST format and not SOAP.
  • All users that you want to be able to post from Turvo

Store these credentials in a safe place. You will need to enter them into Turvo in the following steps.

Enabling DAT via Integration hub in Turvo

Log into your Turvo tenant and navigate to the Admin console via the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.


In the Admin console, click the Integration hub tile.


Then, scroll down to the Load boards/Tracking integrations section and select the DAT tile.


Within the Integrate tab, click ENABLE INTEGRATION at the bottom right corner of the screen to enable the function. Then, follow the rest of the instructions below.


Set Up Tenant Level Access

From the Admin Console, select Settings. Click on the Shipments tab to expand it, then click Loadboard. Click the toggle under the DAT section and enter the DAT service account username and password.
Note: You must have an active service account with DAT to use this feature. DAT will provide the account credentials. 

Important Note:
The username is the email address associated with the service account.


Set Up User Level Access

Once the service account credentials have been entered at the tenant level, users are able to enter their usernames. 

Under the user profile, click on the Details tab to expand it. Click Settings and then click Load boards. Click the toggle under the DAT section to make it active. Enter your username to log in. No password is required.

 Important Note: The username can be a name or an email address.


You are now set up to begin posting shipments to DAT. Learn how to post a shipment to DAT.


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