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The Turvo platform provides many ways to keep on top of your most important shipments, from notifications to #tags, to the ability to mark specific shipments as favorites. Below is a description of how to mark shipments as a favorite, how to find favorite shipments, and a description of the accompanying dashboard card to track favorites right on the Turvo dashboard. 

Marking shipments as a favorite 

Shipments can be marked as a favorite from the shipment list view, card view, or from within the shipment itself. In shipment list view and card view, hover over the shipment and an empty star will appear on the left side. Click the star to mark as a favorite, and click again to unmark. 

Note: Once a shipment reaches Completed status, it will be removed from favorites after 7 days. This is to keep your favorites list clean with only active shipments, not shipments that have long since been completed.


Shipments that have been marked as favorites will be indicated by a yellow star. 

Within a shipment, you will see a star in the top right corner. Clicking an empty star will mark as a favorite, or clicking a yellow star will remove that shipment from favorites. 


Bulk favorite/unfavorite shipments

You also have the ability to bulk favorite or unfavorite shipments within the list view of your Shipments page. This is helpful if you have multiple shipments to favorite or unfavorite, all from the same location!

Navigate to your Shipments page through the left navigation bar, then update the page to list view, if it's not in that view already. Then, click SEE MORE.


Now, if you hover over the left side of the shipment line, a checkbox will appear. Once you select the shipments you'd like to update, click the three dots icon from the blue bar that appears at the bottom of your screen. You can then choose to FAVORITE or UNFAVORITE the shipments at once.


Protip: You can quickly select multiple rows at a time by holding down shift and clicking the first and last rows of the group you need to edit, rather than clicking each row individually. Alternatively, you can use the Select All checkbox on the left of the header row to select all visible rows, up to the first 50 results. You can also bulk deselect the rows by clicking the blue “-” button at the top of the column. 


Viewing favorite shipments 

If enabled in your tenant, you will be able to see your top 3 favorite shipments on your dashboard within the My Favorite Shipments dashboard card. 


Clicking on a shipment in this card will take you to the shipment, or click See more to view a list of all of your favorites.

You can also filter your shipment list to display your favorites. Navigate to your Shipments from the left navigation bar, and click on the filtering icon in the top right corner. Click More filters. Then, select the option for Favorites from the drop-down. 


A button will display with options to view All or My Favorites. To view your favorites, click My Favorites. To remove the favorites filter, click All, and this will discontinue filtering on only favorite shipments. Click APPLY to apply the filter. 

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