Shipment tags dashboard card

Important tags can be tracked right on your dashboard view by using the shipment tags dashboard card. Up to 5 tags can be added to the card, and each user in your tenant can customize the tags they wish to see on the card.

A count of all Active phase shipments with the tag applied will display on the card, and each tag count is clickable. Clicking on the tag will take you to a shipment filter view which displays all shipments with the tag applied, allowing easy action to be taken on shipments that meet that criteria.

In order to set up your shipments dashboard card with your desired tags, follow the instructions below.

Configuring the Shipment tags card

On your dashboard, you’ll see a card called Shipment tags: 

  1. If you have never configured this card before, you will see a button that says ADD TAG, which you'll click to begin.

  1. Now you may enter up to five tags. Start typing in a tag name, and Turvo will automatically pull up any existing tags that match, or you can create a brand new tag right from here.
  2. Click SAVE to save changes. 

Note: Make sure the tag name is entered correctly when searching for existing tags. Any typos will result in not finding the tag and mistakenly creating a new tag.

Updating the Shipment tags card

Once you have configured the card, you may change which tags are displayed at any time. To update the card:

  1. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the card.


  1. Simply click the X next to any tags you wish to remove, and type in a new tag to select a new one.
  2. Click SAVE to save your edits. 


Viewing tagged shipments

To view all tagged shipments:

  1. Click on the tag you wish to view. 


  1. This will take you into a shipment view with a filter applied to show only shipments with the specific tag applied.


  1. You may click on the Filters icon on the top right side of the screen to add additional filtering criteria to narrow your results further.
  2. Click APPLY to see the results.

Note: If your tenant is configured to show tags from customer and/or carrier accounts in the shipments they are assigned to, filtering the Shipments page for tags that are assigned to the accounts will not find those accounts’ shipments. You can only filter for tags that are directly assigned to shipments. See our Show customer and carrier account tags within shipments article to learn more.


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